Of Lanyards and Choices

Lanyards are a trend nowadays. They are strings, laces, and bands that you put around your neck or wrist to secure items like IDs, badges, and gadgets. You can see them almost every day. Most organizations and institutions require their members to wear ID lanyards for identification, promotion, and safety. There are also people who just use them to secure items that they want to carry around. Lanyards have many uses and functions that can benefit anyone.

LanyardsThe quality of those cords depends on the sizes, colors, and materials used. That means each option you choose essentially affects your satisfaction. If your company or school is planning to purchase lanyards, then you have to know about their most common types and styles. This will help you come up with the best version of your designs.


1. Dye Sublimation – The use of the dye sublimation technique in printing designs on lanyards is considered most reliable. The designs and logos that are going to be imprinted do not easily fade or wear off.


1. Cord – This is also known as the shoestring lanyard. It is the latest type of lanyard on the market. Cords are round strings that have a classic and clean style. These are very comfortable to use because they’re much thinner compared to the more traditional options.

2. Tubular – This is made of tube-stitched polyester fabric, similar to a shoelace. It is inexpensive, but still has a fantastic design and feel. If you are on budget, this is the best lanyard style for you.

3. Woven – This is the most difficult to create because it is made of weaving fibers that are stitched to form a design. But, compared to other top-tier options, this is less expensive.


1. Polyester – This is the most popular among the lanyard materials. It shines in both affordability and quality. The images that can be printed are also clear and do not fade easily. If you’re planning to get a tubular lanyard, you’ll probably end up getting one that’s made of polyester as the two have become rather synonymous with one another.

2. Woven Polyester – This is ideal if you’re aiming to achieve a classic and elegant style. The texts, logos, and designs are woven into the polyester lace, just like in embroidery. In that way, it won’t easily wear off even if you wash it many times.

3. Nylon – This high quality lanyard material is perfect if you’re planning to go for silkscreen-printed designs. The nylon material is very durable, with some even claiming that it lasts for years. This is more expensive compared to other materials, but it can produce the highest quality lanyard. So, if you want your company to get laces that can be used for a very long time, then this is the best choice.

ID Lanyards also use different types of hooks and clips to hold various items. The most popular ones are the swivel J hook, key ring, thumb trigger, bulldog clip, and cell phone loop. It depends on the item you are going to attach to your lanyard.

There are many things to consider in making a lanyard: the strings, laces, hooks, designs, sizes, and colors. You need to put the best combinations to come up with a style and design that you won’t hesitate to use at school or work. If you’re unsure whether you’re making the right choices, don’t think twice about getting help from the professionals.

Simply put, you shouldn’t forget that there are lots of credible lanyard manufacturers online that could check your design, improve upon it, and turn it into reality.

ID Lanyards There are many things to consider in making a lanyard: the strings, laces, hooks, designs, sizes, and colors.The Lanyard Factory, we produce only the highest quality, professional-looking customized.

Smart Practices And Helpful Tips On Ordering Custom Challenge Coins

Promoting camaraderie and boosting morale among members of the team are very important. To achieve this, you can order custom challenge coins for your organizations. These unique mementos of what your group stands for and your loyalty to each other will go a long way to having a productive and healthy organization dynamic.

Military CoinsYou can distribute these coins after your group completes an important task or accomplishment, or when a newest member of the group is officially welcomed into the organization as a gesture that will be appreciated and accepted wholeheartedly. Having these coins is also one way of determining whose turn it is to purchase the round of drinks on your next dine out.

Minting Challenge Coins

Some companies are experts in minting custom challenge coins, and they are easy to find if you ever need some coins made. By searching online, you will find a list of companies that offer these challenge coins. Determining which company will provide the best coins is easy by checking out the feedback and reviews left by the former customers on independent websites Just like other customized items, challenge coins can be ordered conveniently online, so there is no need for you to leave your office or home just get these coins.

The Process of Ordering Challenge Coins

What may be not so clear is the process of ordering the coins. Ordering a customized coin is not as simple as ordering t-shirts, mugs, or badges. The shapes and words on custom challenge coins are either engraved or stamped onto the metal surface instead of just printing it on the coin. Also, you need to plan the design carefully.

A personalized coin can contain a great amount of detail, but the nature of their design makes errors clearer and much difficult to correct. You don’t want to receive a box of challenge coins only to find out that they have some mistake which could have been avoided if a clearer image was provided. Make sure that the images you have provided are of best quality to avoid errors as a result of blurred lines or letters. 300 dpi is the minimum image resolution for this purpose.

Another essential factor that you should keep in mind about your design is that although any color can be used on a challenge coin, they may only occur in solid blocks. The reason, is because the colors are applied by filling the depressed spaces on the coin using hard enamel paint.

This is not a method that easily lends itself to being combined into subtle gradations of color, particularly if it requires to be placed on a huge number of coins. You can ask the help of the minting company’s designers to work on your image, particularly if it has subtle shading.

The next thing you need to consider is the way in which the coins will be displayed – after all, you cannot hand them over to people directly from the box. A reliable minting company will provide you choices suitable for different types of occasions, from classy pouches that you can use as event giveaways to formal frames and in case the recipient want to display it in their place of work or in their home.

In placing your order for custom challenge coins, keep in mind that the production usually takes time. The coins should be plated, colored and stamped before they are set to go, so do not expect that you will get your coins within the day, or even a week. The fastest delivery possible is within ten days after you have finalized your transaction with the company. So make sure to order your coins several weeks before the event.


Safety talks or toolbox meetings are essential tool in accident/incident prevention in the workplace. These are done regularly, usually last five to fifteen minutes depending on the topic and are presided by the immediate superior. Topics discussed range from daily activities to corresponding safety procedures. They also usually discuss recent accidents and then give pointers to prevent them from happening again.

It is important to keep recordings of the safety talks; the date, the name of attendees, the topic discussed should be documented. This can be used for future reference.

One important factor to be considered in delivering these talks, is that the speaker should be able to move the listeners to action. It should inspire the workers to be safe at all times.


1.    Reasons / Purpose – Safety talks are given to enable workers to understand their job responsibilities and how to achieve them safely. Ensure that employees achieve demonstrate what the company expects from them. Guarantee that safety culture is maintained and is lived up by all employees.

2.    Frequency – Toolbox talks must be done on regular basis, depending on the discretion of the management. It should be part of the work routine.

3.    Venue and time – These talks must be held in a comfortable place that is free from distractions so the listeners can absorb better whatever it is the speaker is discussing. But not too comfortable, to the extent of making the listeners sleepy. Pick a time wherein workers are alert and most likely would pay attention. Holding a meeting before every shift starts is ideal because the workers’ minds are still fresh and are more receptive to information.

4.    Length – KISS or “Keep It Short and Simple” is the key to effective safety talks. Most people have short attention spans, so holding lengthy talks are useless. It does not matter how detailed and important the speech is, if it bores the audience then it is useless.

5.    Subjects – Topics to be included in these talks depend upon the activities in the workplace, including the kinds of hazards present there. The talk must discuss how to mitigate or completely eradicate the risks. Another important thing to discuss are accidents or incidents and even near misses that happened in the workplace. The speaker needs to place emphasis on how they can prevent the same thing from happening again.

6.    Listener’s participation – Listeners should be involved in the discussion. Learning is more effective when the audience participates.

7.    Techniques in giving Safety talks –“The five P Plan

a.    Prepare – Gather enough data. Organize your talk and practice it in front of the mirror or in front of a familiar audience.

b.    Pinpoint – Don’t try to cover too many topics at one talk. Focus on the priority topic, expound and explain it well.

c.    Personalize – Don’t just copy or read those written on references. Site examples. Make the topic as realistic and as applicable to daily activities as possible. Make it meaningful to the listeners.

d.    Pictorialize – Create a c clear mental pictures. Use visual examples. Learning is more successful when more sensory processes are involved.

e.    Prescribe – Be precise in telling workers and co-workers what to do or not to do. Make sure that they perfectly understood every word that you say and that they grasp the safety message that you impart.


Keynote-speakers1.    Cognitive – Select a specific topic, establish learning objectives. Emphasize the message. Use clear and simple sentences. Show pictures, videos or presentation if necessary.

2.    Affective – Make sure that listeners can relate to the topic discussed. When talking about unsafe acts that they should avoid, talk about them in reality. Give facts and site examples of related incidents that happened because of that unsafe act. Make them understand that if this can happen to others, it could also happen to them if they are not careful or if they don’t follow safety procedures.

3.    Psychomotor – Evaluate learning after your talk. Ask questions, make sure that they fully understand the message. Encourage them to participate and to ask questions. There should be a follow up discussion on the next meeting to check if they retained most of the previous lecture. Monitor if they are actually doing it in the workplace and reinforce learning if you observe that it is inadequate.

Safety reminders are integral part of the work routine. If done properly, it is the most convenient and most effective way of communicating throughout the workforce. It is cheap and viable tool in reinforcing the safety culture of the company. It is beneficial in providing greater awareness, reduce potential accidents or incidents, increase productivity, decrease down times and probably could save a life of an employee and could even save a business. It doesn’t require much resources, it doesn’t need much time to plan and to execute. It only needs commitment of the top management as well as the workforce.

Make Employees the Best Investment

Every business is an investment. For most companies, their investment in equipment and premises represent the biggest chunk of the pie. What many businesses fail to recognize is that manpower is actually their biggest investment. No business runs entirely on equipment and technology. It is still people who operate these equipment in order for the company to have products to offer to their customers. Protecting your manpower as your biggest investment should therefore be imperative. One of the tools that you can use to do this is the employee engagement survey.

Business StrategyThe employee engagement survey is a tool to identify how attached the employees are to their work, team, and organization. Engagement is a lifetime factor that an employee must have. Work engagement is the source of productivity and loyalty that is very essential to make the organization grow and at the same time produce valuable assets – the employees.
Many people jump from one company to another. When they are not happy with the shift, workload and salary anymore, they transfer to another company. Loyalty is very hard to develop especially when many competitors are growing in the business industry. An employee will tend to jump from one organization to another because they don’t feel engaged enough with the company, work, and with their co-employees. There is no commitment because they do not feel like they need to grow with the company. How does an employer know this all and avoid disloyalty? Through employee engagement survey, employers will be able to identify the employees who have problems with their work as early as possible. The earlier these problems are addressed, the earlier the company can enjoy more productivity and profitability.

Employees can only be the best investment if there is a communication between the leaders and the subordinates. Through communication, they will know what emotional, mental, financial needs could make employees feel passionate about their job. Employee satisfaction can be achieved when the employees are engaged not only with their jobs but with all other activities that help the company grow as well.

Every organization must conduct an employee engagement survey to know how committed their employees are to their work. It will show if there is a feeling of sense of purpose, initiative, creativity, care of the organization and advocacy. The results of an employee engagement survey must show what the problems of the majority are, and find ways on how to resolve their problems. From problems, they can create solutions on to how they can open up the communication between employees if communication is a problem. If limited skill is a problem, then employers can find ways how to train and develop the employees’ skills.

EmployeesSuccessful leaders are those who can identify the problem, find solutions for development, and look into their employees’ situation. Knowing what the employees think of their work can make a difference. If an employee is not committed or attached with the organization, the organization itself will suffer in the end. Without work engagement, the performance of an employee is highly affected. They will tend to work in their minimal effort and will not care about the results that could affect the quality of service because they are not that committed with their work.

Engaged and committed employees are the best investment an organization can have. The organization will mean a lot to them because there is a sense of responsibility, pride with their work, loyalty, willingness, and advocacy. These qualities create a big impact on behavior and performance. With employees that have these qualities, there is less supervision, there will be trust among all employees, and there will be an assurance that the company will survive a long time because it takes care of its best investment – its employees.