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It’s Been Another While

I haven’t posted in a couple of months.  Mostly for two reasons:  1)Lil Man is taking up a lot of my free time and 2)I’ve been working a lot of overtime.

I have some things to talk about so I’ll divide it up into some other posts, but here are some non sequiturs:

  • Congrats to the Mavs.  It was good to see Dirk and Kidd get a ring.  It was even better to see the Heat lose.
  • Terrell Pryor and Jim Tressel are both bitches that may have dismantled one of the best collegiate football programs in the country.  I have no doubt that the NCAA will come down harder on them than USC.
  • The NFL and NFLPA* need to get their shit together.  If this lockout causes games to be missed they BOTH lose.  $9 billion is enough to share for everybody, but the players need to realize that keeping a franchise running costs a lot of money.
  • Check out parentsshouldnttext.com and the rest of the Pop Hangover network.  Funny stuph.
  • The city of Vancouver should be ashamed of itself.  Don’t they know that rioting for no reason at all is copyright infringement?  The US will be suing.
  • Thank you Anthony Weiner for generating so many hilarious headlines with your extreme stupidity.
  • Way to go, Sony.  Your incompetence pissed off millions of gamers.  I’m glad I have a 360.
  • Two of my favorite game franchises are apparently incorporating the Kinect into their next releases.  If Mass Effect 3 and Fable 4 (or whatever it will be called) require the Kinect to play I will NOT be buying them.  Hardcore gamers do not really care much for motion technology.  We like to sit on our asses and play.
  • This is scary.
  • Is Charlie Sheen still winning?

That’s all I can come up with right now, but I have some more things I’d like to write about.  Hopefully I’ll be able to post regularly again.

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