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Why is Profanity Profane?

Who decides what words are profane and why are profane words considered to be profane?  This is something that has bothered me for years. 

If you look the words fuck and shit up in the dictionary it says vulgar next to both of them.  I don’t understand why these are considered “vulgar” words.  There are synonyms for both words and every other word that’s considered “vulgar.”  That being the case, why is it okay to say one but not the other?  How is one word offensive and the other is not?

As you can see, fuck is considered vulgar, but the words that define it are not. How ironic. (Captured from dictionary.com)

As with “fuck,” shit is also considered vulgar even though the words that define it are not. How stupid. (Captured from dictionary.com)

For example, if I were to say the word penis, the majority of people would not be offended.  If, however, I were to say the word cock instead, many people would be offended even though both words mean the same thing.  It’s hypocritical and stupid and I just don’t understand it.

I posed this question on my Facebook page a few months ago.  One of the answers I received is that society dictates this.  Okay.  Why?  Nobody can explain it.  It makes no fucking sense.

It amazes me how many people let words affect their lives.  If I were to walk through the grocery store saying these words out loud I would have a whole store full of people pissed at me.  They’re just words.  Get over it people.  There are other things to be upset about.

Many people believe it’s a sin to curse.  Why?  Where exactly does it say, “Thou shalt not swear?”  The Wikipedia page for the word fuck has no explanation for why it’s considered vulgar, either.  No one, not even the almighty Google nor Wikipedia, can explain why these words are considered immoral.  So, again, why are people offended by them?

I say it’s time for these words to be used freely.  There is no reason for them to be considered vulgar and people who consider them as such are prudes.  There is no logical reason for censoring these words any longer.  If you don’t agree, fuck off.

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33 thoughts on “Why is Profanity Profane?

  1. It doesn’t make much sense, does it? I mean, what the fuck? It truly is society though, and the rules change depending on where you are in the world. I was watching Kitchen Nightmares from the BBC, and over there they don’t give a fuck what is said. The entire show is Gordon Ramsay saying different variations of the word “fuck” and nobody seems to care.

    The same can be said for hand gestures. Here, the middle finger is for “fuck you” where as in Australia and England the sign we use for “victory” or “peace” means “fuck you”. And a middle finger doesn’t mean shit.

    All I know is, I suffer from Controlled Tourette Syndrome. I cuss all the time, but I can help it. I just choose not to. And if I offend someone, my argument is simple. They’re just words.


    Posted by Matt Roberts | June 24, 2011, 7:07 am
  2. Reblogged this on Stuph Blog and commented:

    I have a severe case of writer’s block today, so I decided instead of being frustrated I’d just recycle a post from last year. And seriously, if you have any ideas as to why some words are considered profane, please explain. I just don’t fucking get it.


    Posted by twindaddy | June 26, 2012, 6:41 pm
  3. Wow…am I the only one who liked this post? You have come a long way, baby!!


    Posted by merbear74 | June 13, 2013, 9:00 am
  4. I love that video and the definitions on dictionary.com are hilarious. The way it’s so serious. . . . often followed by a pronoun as you or it . . . Hahaha. Or the example sentence: When it comes to politics, I really don’t give a fuck. (rolling) Helps to have a 5th grade sense of humor.


    Posted by aliceatwonderland | June 13, 2013, 9:10 am


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