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Will the Packers run the table?

At 9-0, the Packers are the lone unbeaten team in the NFL currently.  So can they finish what they started?  Can they succeed where the 2007 Patriots failed?

I think they will.  If you look at their remaining schedule, the Packers don’t have many tough games left on it.  They still have to play the Bucs, Lions (twice), Bears, Giants, Raiders, and Chiefs.  They should easily win each one of those games. The Bucs are just not that good this year, the Lions are falling apart, the Bears just don’t match up with them, and the Raiders aren’t good enough.

The only games where they might have trouble are at the Chiefs and Giants.  The Giants have a high-powered offense of their own, but it’s prone to the occasional mistake.  Plus, the game is in New York.  You may laugh at the fact that I said the Chiefs may be a tough game for them, but it’s ALWAYS hard to get a win in Kansas City no matter how bad that team is.

Ultimately, I think that the Packers win every game they play this year.  No team can match what they do on offense and their defense, while not great, isn’t a push over either.  BJ Raji, Clay Matthews, Charles Woodson, and company lead a pretty damn good defense.

Currently, it looks like a team that could give them trouble in the playoffs is the 49ers.  They are playing great football this year.  Gore is running wild and Alex Smith is finally living up to his first-round status.  The San Francisco defense is playing extremely well.  That will be a helluva game to watch if it comes to fruition.

As far as the Superbowl, I just don’t see anyone in the AFC that can stop them, either.  The Patriots aren’t as good this year as they normally are.  The Steelers couldn’t stop them last year, and they’ve regressed as a team this year, though they are still good.  The Ravens are too inconsistent.  Those three teams are the class of the AFC right now.

I’m calling it now.  As long as Rodgers is healthy, the Packers go 19-0 this year and repeat as Superbowl champions.  Do you think they will do it?  Why or why not?

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3 thoughts on “Will the Packers run the table?

  1. Since your article, the Pack is now 12- 0. As a die hard fan that goes back to the Lombardi era ( yes I’m a Wisconsinite born and bred). Running the table and repeating as champs would set this team apart from any in the history of the game. The two things that can stop them is a Rogers injury (it better not be a cheap shot or the player who does it better leave the country) and an inconsistent D. Hopefully securing home field through out the playoffs will give them the edge they need to complete what they’ve started.-


    Posted by Jeffrey Lawver | December 7, 2011, 3:48 pm
  2. Well, this turned out to be completely wrong. Way to go, Pack! You made me look like an idiot!


    Posted by twindaddy | January 29, 2012, 1:08 am

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