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Don’t like the Mass Effect 3 ending? Tell the FTC

That’s right.  Tell the FTC.  That’s what one person has done.

According to the linked article, some dude on the Bioware forums named El_Spiko has filed a complaint to the FTC regarding the lame ending(s) of Mass Effect 3.  Per the article:

“After reading through the list of promises about the ending of the game they made in their advertising campaign and PR interviews, it was clear that the product we got did not live up to any of those claims,” wrote the poster (who we’re assuming didn’t file it under the name El_Spiko). “This is not somethign [sic] I was happy to do, but after the terrible ending that was in no way the product that had been advertised to me and the lack of any kind of response from Bioware/EA to address this, I felt it was one of my only recourses.”

While I’m not at all enamored with the ending, filing a complaint with the FTC is a little childish, I think.  And idiotic.  I think the FTC has bigger fish to fry than BioWare for an ending that wasn’t all that popular.

BioWare has acknowledged the issue publicly, however, and I found this in my Facebook newsfeed yesterday (I follow BioWare…):

“We are aware that there are concerns about a recent post from this account regarding the ending of the game. In this post it was stated that at this time we do not have plans to change the ending,” the developer said. “We would like to clarify that we are actively and seriously taking all player feedback into consideration and have ruled nothing out. At this time we are still collecting and considering your feedback and have not made a decision regarding requests to change the ending.

“Your feedback and opinions are of the utmost importance to us. We apologize for any confusion this has caused. Our top priority regarding this discussion is to keep communication with you, our loyal fans, open and productive.”

I guess once you think about it, any endings against a seemingly insurmountable foe are all going to be tragic, yet if you play the game a certain way in ME1 and ME2 there are outcomes where everyone makes it alive and you have a happy ending.  The same cannot be said of ME3.  You can recruit every asset in the galaxy and complete every side mission.  It doesn’t matter.  Every ending sends the galaxy back to the stone age and strands the entire military might of every species in the Sol system.  Shepard is disintegrated in every ending, however if you attain the perfect ending you get to catch a glimpse of him buried under rubble and the chest plate rising and falling as if he’s breathing.  The Normandy still inexplicably ends up traveling between Mass Effect relays before they all explode and ends up crashing on an unknown planet.  And somehow squad members that died on Earth walk off the Normandy after it crash lands on this unknown planet.

So am I disappointed in the ending from BioWare?  Yes.   Their track record indicates that they can do much better.  Am I going to the FTC and file a complaint?  Hell no.  It’s a freaking video game.  Get a grip, El_Spiko.  Our government already has its hands in things that it shouldn’t and we don’t need that list getting any longer.  So the ending sucked.  Get over it.  Overall, the game still kicks ass.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t like the Mass Effect 3 ending? Tell the FTC

  1. That’s ludicrous. I mean, sure it sucks when a game doesn’t deliver, but there are tons of games out there that don’t deliver.

    I’d love to write to EA Sports and bitch about a recent change they made to NHL ’09, but I’m not going to because it’s pointless.

    I don’t understand why they had to make a change to a game that’s 3 years old, but they did and now the game isn’t as fun to play. But to write a letter complaining about it? Pointless.


    Posted by beefybooyawn | March 20, 2012, 4:10 pm

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