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Emotion Ninja

To others my feelings are never quite clear
I keep them close and hold them dear
My feelings are something I don’t like to share
Mostly because I assume people won’t care

I bury my emotions like a dog with a bone
When asked what I’m feeling it remains unknown
I realize that others have their own problems, you see
So sharing my feelings seems selfish to me

So I put walls up and build an emotion vault
You’ll never get in, I’m stubborn to a fault
To keep people outside is the only true way
To avoid having those feelings shattered one day

I’m an emotion ninja, my feelings illusive
To a relationship, I’ve realized, this isn’t conducive
Yet I hide my feelings like black in the night
Faded from everything and kept out of sight

I think its time to reverse this trend
It’ll only lead to loneliness in the end
I know not how to tear down these walls
Is there such things as emotional wrecking balls?

Towards this end I know I must work
My seeming lack of feelings makes me seem like a jerk
Which truly isn’t the case
I’m a caring person, but I don’t want to waste
Any more of this life feeling alone
Navigating on autopilot like some kinda drone

I’m going to change my damaging ways
So I can be happy the rest of my days

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One thought on “Emotion Ninja

  1. Expressing one’s feelings truly is hard to say
    Our own desperations become our dismay
    If we had a choice we’d make the wrong one
    Just like a burp our happiness is gone
    I do sympathise with you that could’t have been easy to express
    Suit up you daring ninja, strap on your emotional dress

    Like this

    Posted by darkbiggie | May 5, 2012, 9:15 am

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