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8-Year-Old Gets ‘Catastrophe Award’ for Most Homework Excuses | ABC News Blogs – Yahoo!

8-Year-Old Gets ‘Catastrophe Award’ for Most Homework Excuses | ABC News Blogs – Yahoo!.

Okay, here’s another parenting fail.

Some woman in Tucson, Christina Valdez, is all up in arms about her 8-year old daughter receiving a rather dubious award:  The Catastrophe Award.

The little girl received the award for having the most excuses for not turning in her homework.

Valdez is more than a little pissed and called the school to complain, but claims the principal blew her off and told her it was a joke.

Valdez doesn’t see the humor.

“I think it’s cruel and no child should be given an award like this. It’s disturbing,” she told the local ABC affiliate.  Valdez claims that she wasn’t aware that her daughter had a problem turning in her homework.

Look, if the child wasn’t turning in her homework that would obviously be reflected in the grades she was bringing home.  If you aren’t aware of how your child is performing at school, that’s YOUR fault.

Furthermore, you should be more concerned with holding your daughter accountable than trying to get the school in trouble because she was “humiliated.”  Guess what?  We all get humiliated sometimes.  It’s part of life and it’s something she’ll (the daughter) have to deal with at some point or another.  There’s no time like the present to learn how to deal with it.

I’ll tell you what:  I bet that girl remembers that award next year and does her homework to avoid being humiliated like that again.  Is this a somewhat cruel method to motivate a child?  Perhaps, but it’s effective.

We need to quit coddling our children.  Life isn’t all fun and roses where everyone wins and everyone’s talented like they tell children nowadays.  Our children shouldn’t be 18 when they find that out.  If a child isn’t performing the way they should in school then they need to know.  You are failing the child by not telling them and passing them on to the next grade.

I realize that Christina Valdez has her child’s best interests at heart, but her priorities are misplaced.  Her attention should be directed towards her daughter and not the school.  You may not agree with the method, but that teacher sent a message to her child the day she handed her that award and I bet/hope it works.

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6 thoughts on “8-Year-Old Gets ‘Catastrophe Award’ for Most Homework Excuses | ABC News Blogs – Yahoo!

  1. At least the kid’s creative….


    Posted by The Hook | May 31, 2012, 8:14 am
  2. Wow… this is a very good way of telling someone that they are a failiure at something… especially when they need improvement…*Just trying to look on the bright side* :p


    Posted by sisinorales33 | May 31, 2012, 8:06 pm

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