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This Should Never Have Happened

So with all the mass shootings going on recently you’d think there’d be an even greater emphasis on gun safety by gun owners.  You’d think with all the attention and criticism heading their way by the non-gun-owning population that they’d be doing what they can to not give any more ammunition (pun not intended) to the opposition.  You’d think…ah, never mind.  People just don’t think at all any more.

So, sad bit of news out of Burkesville, KY.  Evidently a 5-year old was playing with his rifle while his mother was out dumping grease into the yard.  The 5-year old didn’t realize that there was still one in the chamber and BAM, his 2-year old sister is dead.

As tragic as this is, the folks around Burkesville are defending the parents for giving their 5-year old a rifle.  

Down in Kentucky where we’re from, you know, guns are passed down from generation to generation,” Cumberland County Coroner Gary White said. “You start at a young age with guns for hunting and everything.

It’s a normal way of life, and it’s not just rural Kentucky, it’s rural America — hunting and shooting and sport fishing. It starts at an early age,” Cumberland County Judge Executive John Phelps said. “There’s probably not a household in this county that doesn’t have a gun.

He’s right, it is a normal way of life in rural America.  I’ve lived there.  It’s true.  It’s also true that there’s a market for rifles made for children.  Keystone Sporting Arms has a “Kid’s Corner” on it’s website.  In fact, the majority of Keystone’s products are geared towards children.  Their website even claims the following:

The goal of KSA is to instill gun safety in the minds of youth shooters and encourage them to gain the knowledge and respect that hunting and shooting activities require and deserve

Some people are outraged that there is a market for children’s rifles.

It’s like, oh, my God,” Sharon Rengers, a longtime child advocate at Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville said, “we’re having a big national debate whether we want to check somebody’s background, but we’re going to offer a 4-year-old a gun and expect something good from that?

Well, Sharon, even if you buy a kid’s rifle you still have to have a background check.  The parent, or whoever buys the gun, has to pass the background check, but ultimately the parent is responsible.  The same as a parent is responsible for every action of his or her child until that child is an adult.

Gun safety is paramount these days.  Everyone from children to adults should be taught gun safety, especially if they own a firearm.  It is still legal to own firearms in this country.  Therefore the tradition of shooting is still going to be passed down from generation to generation.  A father who hunts is going to have a son who hunts.  A father who shoots is going to have a son who shoots.  A father who collects guns is going to have a son who collects guns.  I don’t have a problem with this as long as that father takes the responsibility to train his son safety and is responsible with the weapons he has in his home.

The parents in Burkesville, however, were not responsible.  At all.  The 5-year old’s rifle was kept in the corner of their home.  That’s right.  In the corner.  No gun safe.  No trigger lock.  No nothing.  Just leaning in the corner of a room like a fucking broom.  How irresponsible can you be?  I understand that you want to shoot with your son.  I get it.  It’s not something I would do, but I get it and it’s your right.  But you do NOT leave the fucking gun in a corner where the 5-year old, or even the 2-year old, can get it.  That is the very epitome of irresponsibility.  I’m sure these people didn’t leave kitchen knives out where the children could reach them but had no problem leaving a fucking rifle right there.  How asinine.  How stupid.  How idiotic.

The parents of this child need to be charged with negligence.  Not for giving their child a gun.  Not for teaching him to shoot a gun.  But for leaving a gun out in their home where it was easily accessible by their 5-year old and 2-year old.  That is negligence.  And because of that negligence their 2-year old daughter is dead.

May that poor little girl rest in peace and may that 5-year old not be traumatized by the fact that he killed his sister.


Ky. child shooting part of urban-rural gun debate – Yahoo! News.

Keystone Sporting Arms

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14 thoughts on “This Should Never Have Happened

  1. Wow. I have no words. The gun culture is so foreign to me. Thankfully we do not have that here. My heart goes out to those children. I can’t even imagine.


    Posted by stephrogers | May 11, 2013, 12:40 am
    • I have no problem with gun ownership. It is a right given to us in the constitution. That being said, it is a huge responsibility which these people obviously didn’t take seriously. And their child paid the ultimate price for it.


      Posted by twindaddy | May 11, 2013, 7:19 am
  2. love your blog


    Posted by philip469 | May 11, 2013, 12:44 am
  3. How tragic! Thank you for writing about it with such passion. I agree with all points.


    Posted by Polysyllabic Profundities | May 11, 2013, 7:45 am
  4. It’s so sad.


    Posted by behindthemaskofabuse | May 11, 2013, 6:32 pm
  5. I grew up with guns and I was taught strict safety and respect for them. I started to get serious lectures as far back as I can remember. I was not even able to touch a gun until I could enter and graduate hunters safety. My kids are still too young and if they have any interest they will have the same rules.
    The issue may not be to get rid of guns but educate everyone. Most of the kids I grew up with that would have desires or no respect for the dangers of guns had not formal education or training for appropriate uses. I ounce recommended that gun awareness and safety education be required at some point in education. It would not require the handling of any actual fire arms but would teach respect and theory of gun safety and proper use. They could even go as far as stating no one can purchase a gun unless they have successfully completed this education. Just a few ideas but not everyone agrees with me…


    Posted by Animockery | May 11, 2013, 11:55 pm
  6. TD, you know my position on this. But how is it possible for the 5 year old not to be traumatized. Either he will grow up knowing, or he will find out at some point. Either way, it will haunt him.

    Part of the problem with guns is that many, not all, of the people who cling to them so tightly are irresponsible. You’re right, the parents should be held negligent.

    And if it was only the one child it would be horrible. But it’s not. Not. It happens several times a week. There were several children killed last week. And the week before.

    The culture needs to change. People need to accept responsibility.


    Posted by Elyse | May 12, 2013, 8:42 pm
  7. You’ve hit the nail on the head, TD. No-one wants to take responsibility for anything anymore, and one of the reasons for that is that if you take responsibility for bringing up a child to respect their elders and betters, you have to restrict them and discipline them and spend time with them, and for a number of parents, that’s too much like hard work. So the kids get away with all sorts of bad behaviour in school because the teachers can’t discipline them because the kids have no respect for themselves or anyone else.

    I’m not saying we should bring back corporal punishment, but that a lot of things need to change and it needs to start with self-discipline for adults, with respect from advertisers, and with discipline being taught and carried through by parents and guardians of children.


    Posted by faithhopechocolate | May 14, 2013, 8:45 am

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