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Share Your World

Share Your World – 2014 Week 15

It’s Wednesday! It means we’re halfway through the week! We’ve made it to the top of the “hump” and it’s all downhill from here. Or something.
Hump daaaaaaay!
Hump day is my self-designated day to share my world, where I answer insightful questions posed by the lovely Cee, and raise the blinds to the window of my soul. Deep stuph here, Maphia.

So without further ado (just ado it), here are this week’s queries…

For your blog do you basically use Windows or Mac, laptop, desktop, pad, or phone?

I don’t do Apple. I have Windows PC’s, and I occasionally use my Android phone and tablet to blog and/or check comments. I was running Ubuntu on one of my laptops for a while, but sharing files between a linux machine and a Windows machine was a pain in the ass. At least, for me it was.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Well, aside from wanting to be a baseball or football player when I was extremely young, there was a point during high school that I wanted to be a math teacher. Math always came very easily to me and I quite enjoyed helping my fellow students understand the lessons. Fate, however, had other plans for me.

Did you grow up in a small or big town? Did you like it?

I grew up mostly in the suburbs of big towns such as Cincinnati, Atlanta, Toledo, Detroit, and Louisville. I also spent a couple of years in a small town, surround by cornfields and farmers who would chase you with a 12 gauge if you happened across their property in the dead of winter when nothing was growing anyway. What an asshole that guy was.

I liked all the areas I lived in. My problem was the amount of areas we lived in. I hated moving around and starting over all the time.

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? 

Is this a trick question? If I didn’t know how old I was there’s no way for me to answer this question, is there? I’m confused. Am I guessing how old I would be if I looked in the mirror with no knowledge of my birth year? Can I pass? I feel stupid now. Wait! The answer is 42.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. This past week has been shitty, and the hard times keep getting harder. I take that back, I’m thankful for these questions and for my children, without whom I might not stay sane (so to speak).

That wraps up another edition of Share Your World, sponsored by Cee’s Photography. If you’d like to participate, by all means head on over and link up and let us into your world a bit.Share Your World

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61 thoughts on “Share Your World – 2014 Week 15

  1. Ooooohhh…I’m the first commenter! That’s a first!! Thanks for sharing your world. Gives me more ammunition for the world domination…and other stuff.


    Posted by Kayjai | April 16, 2014, 8:59 am
  2. Oh fun! I love peeking into worlds ^_^ – I should join too!


    Posted by TJLubrano | April 16, 2014, 9:24 am
  3. Reblogged this on Martha Keim-St. Louis' blog and commented:
    hee hee hump day


    Posted by marthakeimstlouis | April 16, 2014, 9:36 am
  4. You are also thankful for your BUDS, douchecopter.


    Posted by aliceatwonderland | April 16, 2014, 9:48 am
  5. Whats the square root of 42?


    Posted by merbear74 | April 16, 2014, 10:48 am
  6. Hump day… in my world that means someone’s getting bent over a cube desk and… yeah.


    Posted by BrainRants | April 16, 2014, 10:52 am
  7. The age one is messing with my mind…


    Posted by pouringmyartout | April 16, 2014, 11:41 am
  8. Apple sucks.

    At least you have your kids…


    Posted by El Guapo | April 16, 2014, 1:16 pm
  9. I’m sorry you had such a shitty week – I can sympathize, it wasn’t a great week here either. So bad, I didn’t even get to the challenges this week. But I digress – sorry you had a shitty week, hope next week is better!


    Posted by benzeknees | April 24, 2014, 5:02 pm


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