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No Words

Another duet with the very talented and beautiful Miss Hasty. Evil permeates despite prayer Wrongful deeds induce despair Shady deals clandestinely struck Shameless sinners run amok I coat my heart in layers of silver and gold For when I was younger it was far too bold It yearned for faith, and hope, and love Learning … Continue reading

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I Lose

“Time to clean up. We’re going to bed soon,” I told Baby C. “Yes. We’re gonna sleep in Daddy’s bed,” he assured me. Um, no. “No, you’re gonna sleep in C’s bed.” He sighed before saying, “Okay.” Cleaning up, as it always is, was a pain in the ass. C likes to redecorate the living … Continue reading

Ten Things of Thankful #57

Despite the apathy plaguing me for the last week (depression’s a bitch) and my muse being in hiding, I still have plenty of things to be grateful for. I have had DSL internet at this trooper’s headquarters for the last year and a half. DSL is ridiculously slow. After looking around, I found out that … Continue reading

The Illusive Good Samaritan

This past Saturday I was all alone (sniff, sniff) because it was my weekend without the kids. Boo. I decided to do some shopping since I could do so without chasing a hyperactive 3-year-old around or listening to said 3-year-old whine because he’s been encaged in a shopping cart. As soon as I pulled onto … Continue reading

Word Storm

Written by HastyWords and Twindaddy Your mouth opened, speaking Words that don’t sound real Moving with strange energy Your feelings they conceal Like the winds of a storm Your words blow through my ears Leaving a path of destruction Creating a river of tears With no regard to safety You spit venom into the air … Continue reading

Ten Things of Thankful #56

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Superbitch (My ex-wife. FYI, she chose that moniker, not me). My mood immediately soured, and I become instantly annoyed. I cannot explain why, but having to deal with her any more irritates the piss out of me. I opened her email and found that she … Continue reading

Why I Walk

My son has an uncle he has never met. I have a picture of that uncle hanging in his room. A picture of a vibrant young man climbing the rocks of Red River Gorge with a gargantuan smile plastered on his sweaty face. The picture hangs on the wall just above Baby C’s changing table, … Continue reading

Plunging to the Black

I, again, have had the utter pleasure of writing a poetic duet with the very talented Miss Hasty. Please visit her blog and follow her for beautiful poetry and a great bloggy friend. Voices swim by Muted as I drown In the crystal calm Away from sound Light fades slowly Dancing in waves Blissful asphyxiation … Continue reading

Bloggy Love

Many of us peck away at our keyboards and upload our prose into the virtual ether because we enjoy writing. Many of us use blogging as a therapeutic outlet for atrocities we’ve endured. Some of us use it as an outlet for both. Other’s have words rattling around in their heads and blogging is a … Continue reading

When Skies Are Gray

[Editor's Note: This post is part of a song blog hop. START AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SONG to read the whole thing, as it bounces around the Blogosphere singing:¬†You Are My Sunshine.] Today is someone’s birthday. Of course, I’m sure you’re all aware of that. There are over 7 billion people on this planet, … Continue reading

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