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The Illusive Good Samaritan

This past Saturday I was all alone (sniff, sniff) because it was my weekend without the kids. Boo. I decided to do some shopping since I could do so without chasing a hyperactive 3-year-old around or listening to said 3-year-old whine because he’s been encaged in a shopping cart. As soon as I pulled onto … Continue reading

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Elliot Rodger, Mental Health, and #YesAllWomen

Unless you’ve been living in solitude, blissfully ignorant of the world’s happenings and happy to keep it that way, you’ve no doubt heard about the #YesAllWomen revolution that has taken place on Twitter the last few days. Women are coming out of the woodwork and sharing stories of abuse, harassment, and misogyny they experienced at … Continue reading

Who is Responsible For Your Happiness?

I sat comfortably at my desk, sipping on my morning coffee, scrolling through my Facebook feed as I do every morning while mentally preparing myself for another mind-numbingly monotonous day at the office, when I happened upon a post which caught my attention. This post elicited a strong emotional response from me, but not for … Continue reading

Star Wars EU: It Was Only Just a Dream

When Disney bought LucasFilm from George Lucas almost two years ago and announced that they would begin making additional Star Wars movies, I was cautiously optimistic. Many people were afraid of what they’d do to the universe Mr. Lucas created, to which I said they couldn’t make it any worse than Lucas already had (see Jar Jar … Continue reading

Neighbor, This Isn’t Okay Either

I live in an ignoble community of townhouses. Row after disheveled row of buildings huddled together for a quarter-mile, filling both sides of the street on which I reside. Each building contains 6 or 7 units. This means that I see and learn a lot more about my neighbors than I care to. For instance, … Continue reading

Virtual Bitch Slap: Boomer Esiason

I’m pissed off, man. So pissed off, in fact, that I’ll be handing out the second ever Virtual Bitch Slap here on Stuphblog. So, I’m a Cincinnati Bengals fan, as most of you know. Any of you that are NFL fans know that Boomer Esiason was one of the best quarterbacks in Bengals’ history. He … Continue reading

Can A Prank Go Too Far?

Surely you’ve all seen the old show Punk’d where Ashton Kutcher plays elaborate pranks on fellow celebrities. You’d laugh along while the looks on those being Punk’d would say, “Is this shit really happening to me?” At the end of the episode the prank would be revealed and everyone would have a hardy laugh. And possibly utter … Continue reading

Blaming and Punishing The Victim

According to Wikipedia, victim blaming happens when “the victim of a crime or any wrongful act is held entirely or partially responsible for the harm that befell them,” and that is the most apt definition I can think of. To put it simply, victim blaming is when the victim is blamed for something someone else … Continue reading

Sweet, Sweet Validation

Since I began blogging over three years ago, I’ve read a handful of posts from mothers who chose to formula feed their children, and they spoke about the backlash they received for that decision. They were shamed. Their commitment to raising a healthy child was questioned. They were told they were horrible parents. They were … Continue reading

Stereotyping – I’m a Work in Progress

I was stopped at a red light on my way home the other day when I was passed by a luxury vehicle going the opposite way. The vehicle was being driven by a thin, middle-aged white man with perfectly coiffed brown hair and he was wearing shades that looked to cost more than my entire … Continue reading

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