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Hero of the Moment

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Hero of the Moment: Drunk Ferry Thief

It’s been a minute since I wrote a Hero of the Moment post, mostly because I don’t much follow the news any more. However, someone shared a link on Facebook yesterday, leading to this post. Alison Whelan, a 51-year old Brit, had a grand 48 hours of drinking and eating deadly nightshade, a known hallucinogen. … Continue reading

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Hero of the Moment: Scott Entsminger

I was actually going to do this post right after it happened, but it was only a day or two after my other Hero of the Moment post, so I decided to wait on it. Then, I kind of forgot about it. Now, it’s a month later and I finally remembered. Don’t you hate it … Continue reading

Hero of the Moment: Homer Bailey

I know that Twindaddy normally does these Hero of the Moment posts, but I felt that I needed to do this one. I actually wanted to write this last night, but never got a chance to. Some of you out there might already know who Homer Bailey is, especially if you’re a baseball fan, or … Continue reading

Hero of the Moment: Michael Patterson

If, like me, you’re disgusted by today’s celebrity-oriented society in which actors, athletes, and models or other celebrities are heroes simply because they’re famous, I have some refreshing news for you:  true heroism is not dead.  It’s just simply been ignored. I want to share with you a heroic story, though the story ends tragically. … Continue reading

Hero of the Moment: The Honorable Judge Innuendo

It’s been a long time since I have made an entry into our Hero of the Moment annals.  Too long, actually.  I fail.  I suck at blogging.  Oh well.  I’m over it now. Anyhow, I have a new Hero of the Moment.  And it’s a judge, surprisingly, but I’ll get to that in a minute. … Continue reading

Hero of the Moment: Parisian Glass Wall

Justin Bieber (Photo credit: cukuskumir) Teen heart-throb and woman-dressed-as-a-man Justin Bieber knocked himself out at a concert in Paris last night when the idiot ran straight into a glass wall while performing what I can only assume was a shitty song (does he have any other kind?). Bieber suffered a concussion.  He got back up … Continue reading

Hero of the Moment: Random lady who hasn’t been identified *UPDATED*

I know that’s an ambiguous title, but the lady’s name hasn’t been released. You are probably wondering why some woman whose name I do not know could possibly be my hero (of the moment).  Otherwise, why are you reading this?  Yeah, I don’t know either. Anyhow, per this MSN article, this random woman doused Kim … Continue reading

Hero of the Moment: Terrell Suggs

I don’t really care for “T-Sizzle.”  He says a lot of stuph that, well, is just stupid.  I can’t really stand people who run their mouths constantly. This morning, however, a calm and rational Terrell Suggs uttered a phrase that damn near anyone who has seen or heard Skip Bayless has wanted to say for … Continue reading

Hero of the Moment: “Jedi” Thug

Police in Portland, Oregon were called to a Toys-R-Us Wednesday night because some douche was assaulting people with a toy lightsaber.  Hilarious. You may be asking yourself why this guy is my Hero of the Moment.  I’m getting there. By the time police arrived on the scene, the deranged toy-lightsaber-wielding attacker was now assaulting folks … Continue reading

Hero of the Moment: Random pick-up truck driver

My commute to work consists entirely of two lane roads.  Occasionally, my commute takes much longer than it should, as I get stuck behind old farmers driving pick-up trucks at a speed rate well below the limit. On my way home from work, I was behind one such pick-up.  It goes without saying that I … Continue reading

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