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Thoughts from the Throne

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Thoughts From The Throne: Mistakes

*Composed and posted from my phone. Please excuse any grammatical errors. Mistakes. We all make them. From time to time we make a judgement call that ends up hurting others. Sometimes, we make a decision to do what is best for us which is not necessarily best for those whom we love. Sometimes the mistakes … Continue reading

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Thoughts From the Throne: Road to Recovery

Wow. Its been a long time. I haven’t posted from the throne in ages. That makes me sad. It’s like, what have I been doing with my life? Oh, yeah. Sucking at it. Anyway, I’ve been feeling a lot better mentally these past few weeks and I thought I’d offer some helpful tips which helped … Continue reading

Thoughts from the Throne: Baby Cornholio

My current life circumstances are as follows: I live with my in-laws. They only allow the twins over to the house every other weekend.  On Mondays and Wednesdays I have to find something else to do with them so we normally end up going out to eat and spending the rest of the night at … Continue reading

Thoughts from the Throne: Butt Ban

“A butt ban!” you’re most certainly thinking, “Has Twindaddy lost his mind?” Yes I have, dearest reader, but that’s not relevant to this post.  Well, maybe it is.  Look, I’m not sure.  Whatever. Moving on… You see, I’m not thinking of anything so ludicrous as banning shapely, luscious butts. Neither am I thinking of banning … Continue reading

Regifted Post: Thoughts from the Throne: What are Christmas songs about in the southern hemisphere?

I again am recycling another old Christmas post, because, well, ’tis the season.  And such.  As usual (how sad is it that I can just say usual when referring to regifted posts?), I have updated and modernized the post for your viewing pleasure.  You’re welcome. Hopefully it’s not necessary for me to explain that when … Continue reading

Thoughts from the Throne: Chain of Fail

On my way home from work, I was stopped at one of the many stoplights I must traverse through when I noticed the ugliest thing:  there was a woman walking the sidewalk wearing a solid gray shirt with vertically striped blue and white capris. I’ll wait here whilst you imagine this vomit-inducing sight. You back? … Continue reading

Thoughts from the Throne: Reality Sucks

Recently, I’ve been engrossed in many things; mainly books and video games.  I’ve immersed myself into the worlds of Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Star Wars.  When I’m not engrossed in those things I’m either at work or playing with my children. A question has popped up somewhere in the back of my mind often … Continue reading

Thoughts from the Throne: Easter

So today is Easter.  I had a nice day.  My mother-in-law came over to visit Baby C.  He had a fun time with his basket full of goodies.  Mostly he enjoyed the plastic eggs.  He would put them all in the basket and take them all back out of the basket.  Then he took them … Continue reading

RTotD: Questions Only

1. Have you ever farted so hard that, just for a second, you think you might have accidentally crapped your pants? 2. Have you ever been walking next to a complete stranger in a public place, such as a mall or a grocery store, then cried out, looked at them, and yelled, “Don’t touch me … Continue reading

Thoughts from the Throne: STFU!

I know, I know.  I’ve neglected the blog for a few days.  In my defense I was home all day Thursday with Baby A who was diagnosed with strep throat, so that was fun.  Friday was a really shitty day at work and by the time I was home I just didn’t feel like writing … Continue reading

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