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25 Days of Songs: I Challenge You!

“Hey! Wait a minute! It’s Friday! Where the fuck is our Feature Friday post?” you’re no doubt wondering. Eh? You’re not? Well fuck you then. Anyhow, I just didn’t have time to get to a proper Feature Friday post this week. At least, not in time to give the featured blogger time to review the post … Continue reading

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Most Quoted Movie

My workplace is filled with a bunch of guys who like to quote movies. We’re all also a bunch of comic book nerds. So, you’d think that the movie we’d quote the most is either one of the Batman movies, or one of the new Marvel movies, or even other geek classics like Star Wars … Continue reading

Book Review: Kill Me

Kill Me is a novel by Stephen White. It is the 14th book in his Alan Gregory series. Don’t worry. You don’t need to read any of the others to get into this book. While Alan Gregory is in the book, he’s not the main character. Therefore, his backstory isn’t really that important to the … Continue reading

Having Ears Is Sometimes A Bad Thing

Yesterday, at work, I was doing my normal thing. I was boxing up radios and shipping them off to idiotic car dealerships all over this nation. During most of that time, however, I was also contemplating cutting my ears off. For the last four or five hours I was there, they were being cruelly, and … Continue reading

My Weekly Soundtrack: 2/18/2014

Hello, everyone. Welcome to me. It’s time for another edition of My Weekly Soundtrack. This week there will be a theme. My team lead at work has been going on for the past few workdays about song covers that are better than the originals. So, all of these songs are in that category, in my … Continue reading

Never Forgotten

Sunday afternoon, I was chatting with my best bud Merry, and she was again trying to convince me The Beatles were the best thing to ever happen to music. I, as usual, was having none of it. “What is your favorite Beatles song?” she inquired. I thought about it a minute before answering. “Either Let … Continue reading

My Daily Soundtrack 1/22/2014

I know I normally do weekly soundtracks, but today was a little odd. Around here, it’s been rather cold lately. This morning, before I left for work, the news said that, with the wind chill, it was supposed to get down to -6 today. I don’t mind a little cold, but -6 is just a … Continue reading

That Song That Made Me Cry

Darkness blanketed the scenery. Not a single cloud littered the night sky. The stars wanly illuminated the frosty landscape. The trees were barren. The grass alternating shades of lifeless brown and faded green.  It was the dead of winter and scene outside of my Ford Windstar certainly confirmed that. It was January of the year … Continue reading

The Man of Steel

So I finally watched the new Superman movie, Man of Steel, last night. It was an okay, movie, I guess, nothing really spectacular. While I was watching I kept mentally comparing it to the original movie from 1978. I have never read the comics so I have no other point of reference. The differences between … Continue reading

The Boom Song

I first heard Boom by P.O.D. at a Cincinnati Bengals game. During a commercial break they were showing a highlight reel of big hits by Bengals defensive players on the jumbotron and playing the song along with the highlights. My brother, Revis, mentioned that it was P.O.D. I made a mental note to check the song out later … Continue reading

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