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Book Review: Kill Me

Kill Me is a novel by Stephen White. It is the 14th book in his Alan Gregory series. Don’t worry. You don’t need to read any of the others to get into this book. While Alan Gregory is in the book, he’s not the main character. Therefore, his backstory isn’t really that important to the … Continue reading

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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan – A Recap and a Rant

[Author's Note: This turned out to be a LOT longer than I had anticipated.  Bravo to you if you make it through this post.  And thanks for reading.] I wrote a post a long time ago pondering whether or not a possible sequel to Knights of the Old Republic 2 could be vexed by the … Continue reading

Book Review: Paths of Glory

Not long ago my wife and I had stopped into the Dollar Store right down the road to pick up a fan for the twins’ room as their fan had quit working the prior night.  As we were walking through the store I noticed a spinning book rack, so naturally I stopped to see what … Continue reading

Book Review: Dragon Age: The Calling

The Calling is the second prequel book of the Dragon Age: Origins video game and is a sequel to Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne.  It is set 11 years after the end of the Orlesian occupation of Ferelden. King Maric is well-respected as the king of Ferelden.  He has a young prince named Cailan, but … Continue reading

Book Review: Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne

When Dragon Age: Origins was released by BioWare in 2009, they launched a pretty impressive ad campaign along with it.  I became intrigued by the game and I can confidently say I’ve played that game through more times than any other game I’ve ever played. The writers at BioWare created the wonderful world of Thedas, … Continue reading

Book Review: Just Take My Heart

Just Take My Heart is the first novel I’ve read written by Mary Higgins Clark.  I must say, I’m not quite sure how she earned the title “the Queen of Suspense.”  Maybe it’s because she’s written close to 30 suspense novels or maybe other people find her books suspenseful, but I found little suspense in … Continue reading

Book Review: Alter of Bones

My mother-in-law brought me a couple of books to read recently, and one of them was Alter of Bones, penned by Philip Carter. I had never heard of Philip Carter, and neither the book nor the author’s website shed any light on this author, saying only that, “Philip Carter is a pseudonym for an internationally … Continue reading

Calvin and Hobbes

I’ve never been much of a fan of comic books of any kind.  I just have never been able to get into them.  I’ve tried on occasion, but I just don’t take to them.  However, there’s one comic through the years that I could read all day, every day and have enjoyed since I was … Continue reading

A Surprising Discovery

My wife and I have been slowly, but surely (and stop calling me Shirley), cleaning out our second bedroom to make room for baby stuph. This weekend, my main goal was to move my bookshelves out. Since I have a lot of books, this was no easy task. I was able to do it, and while … Continue reading

What To Do??

My wife and I were in a bookstore this weekend and I noticed a book that I didn’t know was out there. Now, I’m torn about whether or not to get it, and I’ll explain why. Michael Crichton was one of my favorite authors. He wrote such classics as Jurassic Park, Timeline, Sphere, The Lost World, … Continue reading

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