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The Lost Ending

The TV show Lost has been over for a few years now and the ending still upsets many fans. Personally, I didn’t like or dislike the ending. I thought there were things it did well. There were also things it didn’t do well. In my experience, I seem to be alone in this. Everyone else … Continue reading

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Two and a Half Men is getting pretty bad…

I love the show Two and a Half Men (I almost started with, “I love 2 and a Half Men,” but thought that might sound a little weird)….BAK (Before Ashton Kutcher). The show has been merely mediocre since they fired Charlie Sheen and his winning ways.  However, Two and a Half Men without tiger blood … Continue reading

Christina Aguilera is a hypocrite

I don’t watch The Voice.  I can’t stand these “reality” shows.  My wife, however, is following The Voice this season because one of her favorite artists, a currently independent artist, is on the show.  Tony Lucca. Last night was apparently a showdown between the final four contestants.  Tony Lucca and his coach, Adam Levine of … Continue reading

Return of Darth Maul

He was the coolest villain in the Star Wars universe.  He had bad-ass black and red tattoos covering his entire body.  He had horns sticking out from the top of his skull, which would make a headbutt from him lethal.  He was the first force-user we had ever seen to wield a dual lightsaber.  And … Continue reading

RTotD: 2/29

I just got done watching last night’s episode of The Colbert Report, and I noticed something. The Colbert Report has been on for 5 years, or so, now and you’d think in that time that people would know what to expect when they go on there. In last night’s episode, he had on an energy … Continue reading

Futurama Quotes

I’ve been watching Futurama a lot lately, and there have been some pretty awesome quotes. These are just some of the ones that stood out to me. I’m sure there’s many more, but I’ll get to them when I have more time. The ones I’m putting up now are from just two of the characters, … Continue reading

On The Spot

On the local Fox affiliate here in Cincinnati (or da Nasty Nati), there is a program aired here Saturday mornings called On The Spot.  I’ve caught it a couple of times when the little man wakes up early and wants a bottle.  I flip on the TV and there it is. The show is basically … Continue reading

What happened to MTV Programming?

I was catching up on Beavis and Butthead a couple of days ago.  If you haven’t seen the new show (why the hell not?) you should know about a new quirk in the show. In the original series, the episodes were broken up by small bits where the duo were sitting on the coach watching … Continue reading

Thoughts from the Throne: Last Man Standing

I finally got to see Tim Allen’s new sitcom tonight.  It was pretty good. Tim’s character in this show isn’t all that different from Tim Taylor: its all about the masculinity.   What is different this time is that instead of having three sons he has three daughters.  He also works at a sporting goods store. … Continue reading

Beavis and Butthead make their triumphant return

Beavis and Butthead are finally back…and better than ever. The show aired on MTV Thursday night, but since I don’t have cable (a waste of money) I caught it online at MTV.com. The show is somewhat different as the idiotic duo don’t make fun of music videos much anymore (since MTV doesn’t show them) and … Continue reading

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