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The Last Thing I Remember

This is a short story I had pop into my head while at work one day that I just had a chance to write down. While I was writing it, I thought that the concept of “The Last Thing I Remember” would make a pretty good prompt for people to make into their own stories. … Continue reading

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No Words

Another duet with the very talented and beautiful Miss Hasty. Evil permeates despite prayer Wrongful deeds induce despair Shady deals clandestinely struck Shameless sinners run amok I coat my heart in layers of silver and gold For when I was younger it was far too bold It yearned for faith, and hope, and love Learning … Continue reading

Word Storm

Written by HastyWords and Twindaddy Your mouth opened, speaking Words that don’t sound real Moving with strange energy Your feelings they conceal Like the winds of a storm Your words blow through my ears Leaving a path of destruction Creating a river of tears With no regard to safety You spit venom into the air … Continue reading

Plunging to the Black

I, again, have had the utter pleasure of writing a poetic duet with the very talented Miss Hasty. Please visit her blog and follow her for beautiful poetry and a great bloggy friend. Voices swim by Muted as I drown In the crystal calm Away from sound Light fades slowly Dancing in waves Blissful asphyxiation … Continue reading

Awaiting a New Dawn

That feeling you get when no matter how much you sleep You feel like a zombie locked away in depression’s keep There is no energy and no fucks to give Your soul languishing, seeking a reason to live Motivation is merely a word, not something you recognize Craters the size of Texas fester under your … Continue reading


The first thing I wanted that morning was to go back to fucking sleep. I had been up into the wee hours of the morning tossing and turning, my mind a tempest of self-loathing thoughts. Insomnia is an evil bitch. Insomnia and depression united is an almost insurmountable foe. I needed sleep. I knew I needed sleep. It … Continue reading

The Drun Kenman Annals: A Stroke of Luck

Dear Journal, I haven’t been able to keep you abreast of all the changes and challenges in my life recently, and for that I apologize (I have no idea why I’m talking to you like you’re a real person with real feelings of dismay after having been ignored for so long). After the blast door … Continue reading

Faint Echos

I have again had the honor of collaborating with Miss Hasty. It’s always a pleasure and I love writing with her.

I Am Cold

Last year, I was blessed to be able to see a counselor for a couple of months when a friend gifted me the money to do so. During one of my first sessions, I confessed to the counselor that I had, just in the short time since my wife and I had split, fallen in … Continue reading

One Swift Stroke

[Editor's Note: As I watched Star Wars: A New Hope for the 881,671,984,684th time the other night, the scene right before the battle of Yavin played out in full HD on my 46" screen. Luke was pissed at Han because he was taking his reward and running despite knowing the Death Star was closing in … Continue reading

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