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Jason Collins: Trailblazer

Finally.  An active player from one of the four major American sports leagues has finally “come out” of the closet.  It’s long overdue and frankly I’m surprised it has taken as long as it has. The intrepid soul who came out is Jason Collins, a Center, most recently for the Washington Wizards.  He bravely announced that … Continue reading

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Fox Sports Video and Photo Gallery – The most-hated people in sports – FOX Sports List

Fox Sports Video and Photo Gallery – The most-hated people in sports – FOX Sports List. My three-day weekend is winding down.  I’m getting ready to go to bed.  I’m just catching up on some news when I stumble upon the article linked above and click my way through the 10 most-hated sports figures. The … Continue reading

Living in the Basketball State

I’ve lived in Kentucky for most of my life, so I know how obsessed most of the people in this state are with basketball. The other night, however, that obsession hit a new low (in my eyes, anyways). My supervisor called us all together for a meeting. Normally, these meetings are about changes in our … Continue reading

MSG uses Jeremy Lin fortune cookie graphic | Yardbarker.com

MSG uses Jeremy Lin fortune cookie graphic | Yardbarker.com. The above article references MSG, the TV network of the New York Knicks, using a graphic of Jeremy Lin and a fortune cookie featuring a fortune that reads:  The Knicks Good Fortune. Of course, overly sensitive people are claiming this is racism. Per dictionary.com, racism is: … Continue reading

Sports on Christmas?

This story caught my eye when MSN came up as my homepage just a second ago.  The author, Jen Engel (who?), seems to have beef with the fact that sports, particularly the NBA and NFL, are playing games on the most holiest of holidays. She argues that Christmas is a day for spending time with … Continue reading

Seriously, PETA?

Just after the NBA lockout was underway, Dwayne Wade joked that he was going to go back and work at KFC during the lock out, since he worked there in high school. The next day, KFC publicly offered Dwayne a drive-through position for a day and offered to donate $250, 000 to charity should he … Continue reading

NFL, NBA Lockouts are ridiculous

Reports are emerging that the NFL lockout will most likely be ending within the next week.  Meanwhile, the NBA lockout is just getting under way. While I respect that each side in both leagues has an opinion on the way things should be, I can’t wrap my head around the fact that it’s so hard … Continue reading

Replica Jerseys – A Complete Waste of Money

One of the “in” things to have nowadays is a replica jersey (or even an authentic one).  Nothing shows our fandom more than wearing the replica jersey of our favorite player/team. I myself have 8 replica jerseys:  two Michigan Wolverines football jerseys, 5 Cincinnati Bengals jerseys, and one Cincinnati Reds jersey. On average, replicate jerseys … Continue reading

It’s Been Another While

I haven’t posted in a couple of months.  Mostly for two reasons:  1)Lil Man is taking up a lot of my free time and 2)I’ve been working a lot of overtime. I have some things to talk about so I’ll divide it up into some other posts, but here are some non sequiturs: Congrats to … Continue reading

Another reason to hate LeBron

I really don’t care about the NBA. I’ll watch the highlights on Sportscenter, but that’s usually about it. Sometimes things happen that I’ll like or dislike. For the most part, though, I don’t find myself talking about the NBA or any of it’s players. While watching ESPN earlier, I saw LeBron James say something that … Continue reading

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