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United We Tweet

Another reason i don’t watch news. This post contains a word that many believe is one of the most offensive in the language. It has four letters and starts and ends with the letter T. It rhymes with hot. You’ve been warned. I text with a former co-worker, daily. We met four years ago. He … Continue reading

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Social Media Madness

I’ve been pondering my social media presence for some time now. I have profiles on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. I also had pages set up for this here weblog on Facebook and G+. The ultimate goal of having a presence on social media is to have another place to interact with my readers and to … Continue reading

Locked In… Epilogue

The male didn’t make it and now two little children are without a father, a wife is without her spouse and the world is a darker place. Phrases that have already been thrown around that make me want to throw something include: Sometimes He answers no to our prayers. We don’t get any more than … Continue reading

Locked In

The predator surveyed each victim. The first was a female, 44 years old, with a self-destructive past that extended into the present and included over medication. She fell out with her immediate family. Three weeks with no contact indicated that the only people who might miss her would be her coworkers. The second was a … Continue reading

Of Course You Know, This Means Blog War

Like the¬†Assassination of Franz Ferdinand, the shot heard around the bloggy world has been fired. Evidently, there is a blogger out there who really, intensely loathes animated GIF’s. Enough so that said blogger wrote a post about it and named me the prime offender, like I’m some underground GIF lord. Hmmmm…..Dark Lord of the GIF … Continue reading


I wasn’t even looking. I asked myself if I should play this most dangerous game. Pinching the flame knowing that the potential to be burned still exists but only slightly now. Think I will. My intuition aroused my suspicion. Your subtle charm shrouded your act of harm. I cupped hands over ears refused to hear. … Continue reading

How To Make And Utilize A Grocery List

I don’t normally waste my time making lists for the grocery store. When I go to the store I just traverse every aisle and as I see things I remember whether or not I need them. This has (mostly) served me well. Superbitch is quite the opposite in that regard. She absolutely¬†must have a list … Continue reading

The Voice of Depression

Nobody likes you. There’s a voice in the back of my head. It’s an evil bastard. It’s the voice of my depression. I normally don’t hear this voice, or, if I do, I can ignore it. But when I sink unwillingly into a depressive state, that voice rises. It get’s louder. It tells me things … Continue reading

Revis and Matticus Save the Kingdom, Chapter 23

Originally posted on The Matticus Kingdom:
“Calm down,” Miss Four Eyes cried, pulling her arm away. “They escaped before the sparkly vampires could get to them. Everyone was talking about it. Two dragons showed up just as the vampires got to the castle. One of the dragons flew them to safety while the other held…

Free-For-All Friday

Forces of nature have conspired against me this week to prevent me from completing a Feature Friday post. In other words, I actually had to work at work this week. What the fuck is that shit all about? Don’t they know I have blogging to do?? Since I have nothing of substance to share with … Continue reading

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