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Blunt Life Coach Speaks About Haters, Idiots, and People Who Can’t Follow Directions

Well, well. It’s time again for me to dispense my wisdom to the waiting masses. A mad crowd gathers, awaiting my indispensable words. I can hardly blame them. Were I severely lacking in intelligence I’d probably be down there among them, madly craving the guidance I’d desperately need. Having said all that, I suppose I should … Continue reading

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Seasons Greetings from Blunt Life Coach…Kinda…

Well, it’s Christmas time. That wonderful time of year when we bring joy to the world and show good will to our neighbors. Fuck that. I’m still going to be blunt. No jolly fat man with presents is going to put a shine on my disposition. I’m all about reality and reality sucks no matter … Continue reading

Blunt Life Coach Speaks About Idiotic People Asking Idiotic Questions

It’s time again for me to shove Twindaddy aside and take the reigns of his fleshy form to answer the call of those unfortunate fools who desperately need my advice. Twindaddy has been inundated with requests for my presence recently, so you could say he had his arm virtually twisted into letting me write the … Continue reading

Blunt Life Coach Speaks About Stupid Questions, More Stupid Questions, and Even More Stupid Questions

Well, this week’s writing challenge is right up my alley! Wow, that doesn’t sound good at all. Anyhow, this week’s challenge is all about advice columns. As you all know, we have a very special guest here who occasionally stops by to dispense his wisdom (that’s what he calls it) so I invited him back … Continue reading

Blunt Life Coach Speaks About Bad Friends, Swollen Body Parts, and Hearing Voices

Well, aren’t you lucky? You get a Blunt Life Coach post in which I, Blunt Life Coach, attempt to control Twindaddy’s inebriated body. What a bunch of shit this is. Anyhow, I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been in hibernation. It’s tough to take control of Twindaddy anymore as, sadly, he’s doing fairly … Continue reading

An Opportunity I Wouldn’t Take

In the past week I’ve read a couple of posts in which the author has advice for her younger self. One post contained a paragraph, in letter form, advising her younger self to make better decisions and the other was a collection of random tidbits of advice for her former, 17-year old self. I pondered this for while. … Continue reading

Blunt Life Coach™ Speaks: 6/14/2013

Things have been depressing around here of late.  Things have been depressing in real life, too.  So I figured…fuck that noise.  It’s time for some BLC™.  I need a little aggression.  I need to cut loose.  So this time, despite the fact that he’s a fucking jackass, I’m proud to hand my blog over to… … Continue reading

Blunt Life Coach™: 5/28/2013

Greetings.  Twindaddy’s introductions annoy me, so I figured I’d take over our body before he started the post so I don’t have to sit through any of his sappy shit.  I’m tired of him getting in touch with his feminine side.  It’s unbecoming. It’s time for me, in the way that only I can, answer … Continue reading

Dear Significant Other of my PLATONIC Friend who Happens to be the Opposite Gender that I am:

Dear Significant Other of my PLATONIC Friend who Happens to be the Opposite Gender that I am: NOTE:  I’ve seen a number of good platonic friendships end, including a recent one of my own.  I don’t get the jealousy and mistrust that seems to be going on these days. (Whew that was a long salutation).

Blunt Life Coach™: 2/2/2013

It’s that special time of week when I let Blunt Life Coach™ take the reigns and answer your well-conceived questions.  Or horribly abnormal questions.  Even though he’s made a couple of appearances in the last week, including giving my eulogy, the questions don’t get answered without him. So without further ado (I need to find … Continue reading

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