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My Oldest Surviving Memory

[Editor's Note: For this month's Remember the Time, Emily and Kelly would like to know what our earliest recollection is. I had written about my earliest memory in response to a Daily Prompt  back in December of 2012, so I'm dressing this post up and adding a few things to it and making it seem like … Continue reading

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

A picture is worth a thousand words. -Napoleon Bonaparte I have a rather polluted opinion of the twins’ mother, obviously. She did things to me that I’ll never forget and will forever taint the way I view her. However, there are times I can see the good things about her. I see those things mostly … Continue reading

YouTube Tuesday

Originally posted on Not a Red Head:
I have mentioned before that I stopped doing most of the blog awards and such, but that I do enjoy answering the questions that come along with some of them. So this is my half ass participation for Twindaddy who tagged me. I feel like cattle, but I am going…

Ode to My Children

I was afraid today’s prompt would include Valentine’s Day in some way.  I can’t stand this fake holiday.  Let’s celebrate love?  If you aren’t celebrating love every day then you’re failing at life.  But retailers make money on this holiday so I’m afraid it’s not going anywhere.  Oh well… It’s Valentine’s Day, so write an … Continue reading

Eternal Flame – A Romantic Monday Post

Call it fate Or perhaps destiny I believe in my heart That we’re meant to be

Musical Schizophrenic and Produce

[Note from Twindaddy: This is the first post from our new author 1jaded1.  As you will be able to see for yourself below, Jaded is an excellent writer and I know she will be a wonderful addition to our Unshitty™ blog.  Please join me in welcoming her and ensure you leave some Unshitty™ comments below.] … Continue reading

The people that you meet

[Editor's Note:  This is but the first in what will apparently be a plethora of guest posts on this here weblog.  Today's guest is Polysyllabic Profundities (WP just tried to correct that to profanities.  It knows you so well).  If you just successfully pronounced that without your tongue ending up in a fucking knot, then you … Continue reading

Daily Prompt: Flangiprop! And other stuph…

Well done, Daily Post.  Well done indeed.  It’s about time we got away from the morbid and insanely grim prompts and on to something we can all have fun with.  And now, I shall define a word that never existed before now, and added it to my already leviathan vocabulary. Invent a definition for the … Continue reading

When I Said I Do – A Romantic Monday Post

Your hand enclosed in mine As slowly we stroll Being here next to you Warms my very soul

Daily Prompt: My Musical Journey

What role does music play in your life? I think the fairer question, and likely easier answer, is what role doesn’t music play in my life?  As far back as I can remember, music has been a huge part of my being, and a stabilizer in my life.  When I’m sad, I turn to music. … Continue reading

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