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Premature Acclamation

We’re about three-quarters of the way through November, so now is the perfect time to dole out awards for the 2013 year, amiright? I mean, there’s only one tiny month left in the year. Who cares about December? I have been gifted an award from Art, who bears a striking behavioral resemblance to that old pedophile … Continue reading

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Hail to the King

Hail to the king Hail to the one Kneel to the crown Stand in the sun Hail to the king Blunt Life Coach speaks: Evidently there is some idiot somewhere who considers himself a blogger above the rest. He has an inflated ego. He self-promotes everywhere. He refers to himself in the third person. He speaks … Continue reading

More Blog Bling!!

…I was presented an award. A loyalty award. For reading an unshitty™ blog. I’m not sure how I’m deserving of an award for simply enjoying the words of a fellow blogger, but I will accept the award nonetheless because…

Who You Callin’ a Fruitcake?

Hello.  My name is Twindaddy, and I’m a fruitcake.  Wait, no.  I’m a Fruitcake Award winner.  Whatever that is.  I still haven’t decided if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  I’m of two minds about this and they are arguing something fierce about how I should feel. MissFourEyes (AKA Naked Blog Goddess) … Continue reading

Dragon Me Down

I’ve been procrastinating for so long on this one I totally forgot what I was procrastinating.  What was I supposed to do again?  Accept an award?  Do the dishes?  Take a shower?  Write a post?  Moon a priest? Oh yes!  Accept an award.  That’s it.  A long time ago in a blog post far, far … Continue reading

Fish Of Goldness Contestery

Recently, I entered The FOG Extravaganza Giveawayery. Normally, I don’t enter contests, because I never win. I did this time for 3 reasons: One, with a name that cool, this contest was bound to be epic. Two, it was Mad Libs, and Mad Libs rule. Three, it was done by Goldfish, who is talented, smart, … Continue reading

We Are Family! C’mon Everybody and Sing!!

Another day, another award post.  Hooray for celebrations! Today I’m accepting one award for which I was nominated by two people.  That’s right!  Two!  Count ‘em!

Nominating the Maphia’s™ Finest Readers

It’s time for another award!!  Hooray!  Yahoo! Pop the champagne!! I love adding virtual bling to my virtual mantle, which is beginning to get full.  I may have to get another.  You know what?  I just did.  Ha!  Cyberspace rules.

I’m Influential? Is That a Sign of the Apocalypse?

I was nominated for an award way, way back on April 7, by my favorite Aussie blogger Steph, of She Said What? fame(don’t let the fact that she’s the only Aussie blogger I know detract from the compliment) and by my favorite jester (don’t let the fact that he’s the only jester blogger I know … Continue reading

My Weekly Award Show Soundtrack Post Thing

Did any of that make sense? No? Oh, well. I’m continuing on anyways. Normally, I accept awards on my blog, but since I’m combining this one with my weekly soundtrack (just like Alice stole from me)/YouTube Tuesday post, I decided to go ahead and do it here. The award I’m accepting comes from Twindaddy. I’d … Continue reading

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