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A Meeting of the Minds

[Editor's Note:  Today one of my favorite bloggers graces this here weblog with her stuph™.  Emily, of The Waiting Blog, is a fantabulous writer, blogger, humorist, friend, and mother.  Her work has been featured on BlogHer and has been Freshly Pressed twice.  Her blog has even been endorsed by WordPress as a Recommended Family Blog. … Continue reading

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A new addition

We haven’t been very active ’round these parts here lately because RevisEsgewater’s wonderful wife gave birth to a beautiful little girl on Saturday. I’ll leave the telling of that story to him, but I’m an uncle again! Normal stuph will resume soon.

It’s better to give…

…than to receive.  And I’ll prove it to you. The other night, Baby C and I were chilling in the living room.  I was sitting on the floor while he was walking around (walking at 10 months!) and having a good old-time.  At one point, he held out his arms and started walking toward me. … Continue reading

A sign from God?

If so, the sign reads “Stop having freakin’ babies!!”  Today comes the sad, yet hardly surprising news that Michelle Duggar, the 45-year old mother of 19 other children, has had a miscarriage. While the loss of her 20th (technically, 21st as this was her 2nd miscarriage) child is surely regrettable, what did she expect?  45-year … Continue reading

Becoming Twindaddy

I wrote a blog about this on MySpace a few years ago when I was actually on MySpace and MySpace was, you know, relevant. Since that is lost, I’ll write it all over again.  Here is how I became Twindaddy. My life changed forever on Friday December 3, 1999. That day, at precisely 12:00pm, I … Continue reading

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