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Saturday 9: Copacabana

It’s time for a new prompt! Hoorah! I’ve known about the Saturday 9 for quite some time. I blogger I used to follow, but has since disappeared, used to participate in this weekly prompt. I followed the blog, but since it’s hosted on blogger, and I rarely sign into blogger, I completely forgot about it. … Continue reading

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What I should be doing instead

Another day, another Daily Prompt.  I’m guessing that’s why it’s called Daily Prompt, but I guess I’ll never know for certain.  Today’s prompt is about self-reflection, and analyzing things you’re doing wrong, or at least the things you’re not doing right.  Like I’ve got all day to do that… Tell us about something you know … Continue reading

Another Trophy for the Shelf

Rutabaga the Mercenary Researcher knows greatness when she sees it.  And she has seen this blog.  And found that greatness resides here.  Along with Unshittiness™. But we’re not here to talk about Unshittiness™, which saddens me.  BUT, we are here to talk about inspiration.  Yours, specifically.  Because we inspire you.  And stuph™.  And that gladdens … Continue reading

The Pinnacle of Blogger Awards

Merely hours after accepting two prestigious blogging awards, I have been awarded another shiny virtual trophy to place on my virtual mantle over my virtual fireplace.  And this can only mean one thing… Pretty soon I’m going to have to get a curio cabinet to keep all of these things in. Unlike any of the … Continue reading

Another year…

Today I start my 36th year on this planet. Meaning that today, I also turned 35 years old. I don’t feel any different now that I’m legally allowed to be president of the United States and I don’t know if I should.  For some reason I kind of feel like 35 is some sort of … Continue reading

Another award? You love me! You really love me!

We have been nominated for another award!!  Go team! Datingbitch of OnlineDatingJournal has nominated us for the Sunshine Blogger Award.  I again scoured the internet (read: looked through one page of Google search results) to see if there was some criteria that must be met for this award or if there was some other meaning … Continue reading

I don’t know. Can you?

I started doing this a year and a half ago as a funny way to correct the twins’ grammar.  It’s not really a big deal and I don’t get really irritated by it, it’s just something funny I do. However, the other day it struck me that I’ve been doing this for over a year … Continue reading

An award? For Me? I’d like to thank all the little people I stepped on to get here….

We’ve been nominated for our very first award:  The Versatile Blogger Award. I searched frantically (for like 10 minutes) for the actual criteria for this award, and the only thing I could find anywhere are the rules listed below.  I thought maybe there were certain measures that might need to be reached in order to … Continue reading

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