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Better Late Than Never?

Way, way, waaaaay back (nope, keep going – ack!  too far!) on March 6th Steph Rogers nominated my unshittiness™ for an award.  Being the excellent and masterful procrastinater that I am, I’m just now getting to it.  I may even publish it…eventually. Steph is fucking awesome.  She’s smart and a very talented writer.  As such, she’s … Continue reading

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Rep. Gutierrez rips Arizona immigration law | The Ticket – Yahoo! News

Rep. Gutierrez rips Arizona immigration law | The Ticket – Yahoo! News. I didn’t know who Luis V. Gutierrez was before I read this article (he’s a Democratic senator representative from Illinois), but in addition to now knowing who he is I know an additional fact about him:  he’s stupid. Per the linked article, Gutierrez is … Continue reading

Christina Aguilera is a hypocrite

I don’t watch The Voice.  I can’t stand these “reality” shows.  My wife, however, is following The Voice this season because one of her favorite artists, a currently independent artist, is on the show.  Tony Lucca. Last night was apparently a showdown between the final four contestants.  Tony Lucca and his coach, Adam Levine of … Continue reading

Things I Should Not Be Subjected To: “Celebrity” News

I had a few minutes at work to peruse the news in between working on the computer I have today.  I click on yahoo.com and my eyes and sensibility are assaulted with stories about Justin Bieber taking a paternity test and even more stories about Kim Kardashian’s divorce/72 day marriage. As an aside, I really, … Continue reading

Who cares?

Since Saturday, the interwebs have been inundated with stories about Amy Winehouse’s death.  The “singer” was found dead in her home, and though no cause of death has been determined, most are speculating a drug overdose given Winehouse’s apparent history as an addict. The sad thing is, I had never heard about Amy Winehouse before … Continue reading

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