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More 12-year old logic

About 40 minutes ago, Baby B called me at work and wanted to know if it was okay if he went over to my house because he’s bored at his mom’s.  I moved a block away from my ex for this specific reason. “Sure,” I told him.  “Just call me and let me know when  … Continue reading

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Convicted of murder for texting and driving?

Wow. 38 states have made texting while driving illegal, but it looks like Massachusetts will be the first to imprison someone for breaking this law. Aaron Deveau has been found guilty of motor vehicle homicide by texting and faces up to four years in prison after his vehicle swerved into oncoming traffic and hit a … Continue reading

Random Thought of the Day: Copious random thoughts

I have more than one thought today!  The coffee is working…heh heh heh heh. So some 52-year old douchecanoe started beating the crap out of his 8th grade son after his son’s team lost game during a basketball tournament.  WTF?  You know, it’s pathetic enough when grown men attempt to live vicariously through their children’s … Continue reading

Sprint SUCKS

A few months ago I ended my long-term relationship with AT&T and switched to Sprint Mobile for my cell phone service. I had no problems with the AT&T service, it was their billing practices that pissed me off. The final straw came when I gave my wife my old Samsung Jack. She wanted to be … Continue reading

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