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The Fish In The Pants

In the summer of 1985, I went on my first real vacation. By real, I mean my family and I didn’t sleep in the spare room at a relative’s house for a week. We piled in to the family station wagon and made the 12-hour trek from da ‘Nati to Sunset Beach, North Carolina. I … Continue reading

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Strike One – You’re Out!

One hot, summer day when I was 10 years old, my mother decided to take us to a local park for the day. My brothers and I were really into baseball at that stage in our lives so we packed up all our equipment so we could play baseball while my mom socialized with her … Continue reading

No Genie Available, But Make Your Wish Anyhow

The Daily Prompts the last few days haven’t been very intriguing to me, but today’s spoke to me.  It said, “Hey!  Write a fucking Daily Prompt post, would ya?  You haven’t done one in a few days.” So, I figured since it took the time to call me out the least I could do was … Continue reading

Daily Prompt: The Early Years

Write page three of your autobiography. Autobiography:  Page 3 I accomplished a great many things as a youngster.  I had a memorable childhood and many enjoyable times.  I achieved many successes, and I’d like to take a  moment to list some of my greatest awards: Winner of the Great Pee Contest.  My brothers and I … Continue reading

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