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Darth Vader

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25 Days, 25 Songs: Day 4

So, Day 3 was either really awesome or really shitty depending on your relationship with your parents. Today’s post is all about the serenity. The tranquility. The calmness. Or something. Day 4 I don’t often get worked up to the point where I need outside stimuli to calm myself down. Every once in a while, … Continue reading

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Blog Tag Again!

Well, who knew?  I played a little blog tag in February and it was somewhat amusing.  But now it’s come full circle and I’ve been tagged again.  This time by the ubiquitous Merbear. I debated doing this since it’s the exact same game and rules it was just a couple of months ago, but it’s Merbear…duh.  I … Continue reading

Nipple Boo Boo

It’s been 12 days since Baby C’s accident.  Since that time his burns have healed up quite nicely and all he has left are three red marks (two on his chest and one on his arm) from his burns. So tonight when I was undressing him for his bath he pointed at one of the … Continue reading

Remember your failure at the cave?

Ok, folks.  Baby C had been on a Star Wars kick lately so we’ve been watching a TON of Star Wars.  I’m not complaining because, you know, Star Wars, but as soon as he comes into the house he points to the TV and says, “Star Wars!”  So in the past couple of weeks we’ve … Continue reading

The Boy Who Would Be Vader…

[Editor's Note:  Today, we have another heavy hitter guest posting stuph™ here.  Straight outta Dublin (that's in Ireland for you geographically challenged Americans), I present to you Rohan!  No, he's a person, not a country from Middle Earth.  Good gawd, people. Rohan is a multitalented person.  He is a professional a musician, songwriter, author, professional sound … Continue reading

7 Days, 0 Luck

It’s that daily time again.  Time for fun, mischief, and some other kind of chief I haven’t identified as of yet.  Today’s prompt could be a fun one.  Let me get started on my coffee and we may then have a fun adventure.  Or, I could totally eff this one up.  There’s only one way … Continue reading

My Summer of Star Wars

[Editor's Note: I invited happyzinny to come play in the stuph™ sandbox because, quite honestly, I find her writing to be extremely entertaining and quite humorous.  I enjoy every post of hers and I wanted to help her gain a following being as I think that she's quite talented.  So your mission, Stuph Maphia™, is to … Continue reading

Interview with a Stormtrooper

[Editor's Note: Today's guest post comes to you from Wonderland.  Or the rabbit hole.  Or perhaps both.  Isn't Wonderland inside the rabbit hole?  So it's both.  Wow.  I'm glad we have that settled.   Moving onward and forward (redundant?), my guest today is none other than AliceAtWonderland.  She has been Freshly Pressed, has a huge … Continue reading

The Drun Kenman Annals: These aren’t the droids we’re looking for?

You are not going to believe what happened today, Journal. When last we spoke I had just been deployed to Tatooine in search of two missing droids.  I still have no idea why these droids are so vitally important, but my job is not to ask.  It’s to obey orders. In that vein, my Captain, myself, and … Continue reading

The Drun Kenman Annals

Dear journal, I’ve decided to start keeping a daily record of my life as a storm trooper in the hopes that someday someone other than myself may find it interesting.  Here goes my first entry …. It’s 0600 Galactic Standard Time.  It doesn’t matter that I’m stationed on this crappy little dust-covered planet, or that … Continue reading

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