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A&E, Phil Robertson, and Unpopular Opinions

Duck Dynasty. We’ve all heard of it. Sadly. It is A&E’s popular show about a wealthy family who owns a company called Duck Commander, which is famous for its duck calls. I have seen only a few minutes of the show when I was forced by my boss to watch it as he laughed about something … Continue reading

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My Weekly Soundtrack: 12/10

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing a soundtrack based simply on genre. This week, I’m going back to basics and just going with songs that have been stuck in my head at some point during the past few days. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy them. Up first is Unraveling, by Sevendust. Our second song is … Continue reading

My Weekly Soundtrack: 11/12/13

It’s time for me to post a soundtrack on a weird date….11/12/13. They said something about this on the local news this morning (because people are rushing to get married today just because of the date) and I couldn’t help but thinking, “Who cares?” There’s been a date like this every year since 2003 (1/2/03). … Continue reading

Dead Set: Part 26

“You idiot! Do you realize what you have done?” Christian couldn’t see anything. He knew it was Shadow who spoke, but couldn’t tell where he was. The voice seemed to surround him. A soft glow began to illuminate the area around him, but there was still nothing to see. This must be Shadow’s home, he … Continue reading

Song Story: Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You

Song stories. Everybody has them. They are memories that are evoked every time you hear a particular song. Sometimes, it’s something big (like the first dance at your wedding). Other times, it’s something mundane (such as something that happened once while you were just hanging out at home). It doesn’t matter how many times you … Continue reading

Dead Set Part 23

Darkness. Emptiness. Void. There is nothing, not even herself. The world is gone. Everything has disappeared. She was scared. She wanted her Mommy, but she was gone too. She wanted to scream, to cry, but you can’t do that when you don’t exist. Finally, a light appears to save her once again. Bethany opened her … Continue reading

Dead Set Part 18

“Death,” Christian screamed. “Show yourself!” Laughter erupted from all around the blackness. Christian, already more enraged than he had ever been, became angrier. Once again, after a few seconds, a bright light flared and the two doors appeared. After his vision had cleared, he saw Death standing between the two doors. He stood silently, mocking … Continue reading

YouTube Tuesday: The Forgotten Feature

I had stopped doing the YouTube Tuesday feature because 1) I reserved the right to stop whenever I wanted when I created it and 2) they weren’t generating much traffic.  However, a dedicated reader pointed out to me that she missed the posts.  We all know that I’ll shamelessly do just about anything to get … Continue reading

TV and Violence

Fictionalized violence. Does it cause violence in the real world? Hardly.  Does watching Comedy Central make one funny?  Of course not.  Does watching The Natural make one a star baseball player?  Don’t be ridiculous. In my experience, violence is either a learned or innate behavior.  People are either born violent or raised in a violent … Continue reading

Keep On Shining

Dearest Stuph Maphia™, it is time for another awards ceremony.  You may be tired of them.  Even more so considering that 4 hours of rich people and idiocy was just broadcast to our ignorant nation the other night.  But fear not, unlike that awards ceremony, there will be no boobs song or no one tripping … Continue reading

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