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Social Media Madness

I’ve been pondering my social media presence for some time now. I have profiles on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. I also had pages set up for this here weblog on Facebook and G+. The ultimate goal of having a presence on social media is to have another place to interact with my readers and to … Continue reading

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Can A Prank Go Too Far?

Surely you’ve all seen the old show Punk’d where Ashton Kutcher plays elaborate pranks on fellow celebrities. You’d laugh along while the looks on those being Punk’d would say, “Is this shit really happening to me?” At the end of the episode the prank would be revealed and everyone would have a hardy laugh. And possibly utter … Continue reading

The Reason Bad Things Happen to You is Because You’re a Dumbass

Let’s pretend, dear reader. Pretend you’re a wanted criminal. The crime is irrelevant to this hypothetical situation, so whatever crimes you’ve always dreamed of committing but haven’t because you have, you know, morals…pretend you did that. Finally. Next, let’s pretend that the police are so inept that they can’t catch you, which, let’s face it, … Continue reading

The Further Exploits of Baby E

Don’t you hate those parents who do nothing but talk about their children? Well, get ready to hate me, because that’s what I’m going to do. When last you heard, Baby E was busy setting up a criminal underground with her cousin, Baby C. They’re still up to no good together, but I think they … Continue reading

I Lost A Friend Today

Last night I went looking for a friend on Facebook so I could send her a message. She wasn’t there. I then searched her profile, brought it up, and saw a button which said, “Add to Friends.” Dafuq? I suppose everyone has seen or heard about this. It’s a sad, unfortunate clusterfuck of a situation, and … Continue reading

Coming Out Letter

Dearest Stuph Maphia I’m writing you this letter because I have something I need to confess. Something that has been plaguing me like a raging hemorrhoid. I have a secret. A shameful secret. This secret has kept me up at night, lost in thought, wondering if you’d still be so accepting of me if you … Continue reading

I’m Not Human

I decided a long time ago to no longer watch the news or peruse news sites. I could no longer tolerate the avalanche of bad news I would digest on a daily basis. War. Murder. Rape. Inequality. Hatred. I couldn’t take it any more and had no desire for their constant reminders. Sadly, actively avoiding … Continue reading

Unveiling the Mask?

I blog anonymously. Mostly. A handful of you guys have friended me on Facebook or Google+ and know my “secret” identity. I’ve gone to some lengths to keep my blog separate from real life for a multitude of reasons. Blogging for an audience who doesn’t know who I am frees me to talk about anything … Continue reading


I have some goofy friends I chat with on a regular basis. These people help me maintain some semblance of sanity while I’m bored at work and keep me otherwise entertained even if I’m not bored. They are all quick-witted and hilarious, but more importantly we all have depression and help each other combat that … Continue reading

Rant: Passive Aggression

passive-aggressive adjective denoting or pertaining to a personality type or behavior marked by the expression of negative emotions in passive, indirect ways, as through manipulation or noncooperation (courtesy of dictionary.com) The internet has given a voice to millions of people. People who avoid confrontation,  yet still like to rebel. People who are pissed off for some reason or another, yet can’t bring themselves to say anything to the people responsible for their anger. So they express their … Continue reading

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