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flash fiction

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The first thing I wanted that morning was to go back to fucking sleep. I had been up into the wee hours of the morning tossing and turning, my mind a tempest of self-loathing thoughts. Insomnia is an evil bitch. Insomnia and depression united is an almost insurmountable foe. I needed sleep. I knew I needed sleep. It … Continue reading

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The Drun Kenman Annals: A Stroke of Luck

Dear Journal, I haven’t been able to keep you abreast of all the changes and challenges in my life recently, and for that I apologize (I have no idea why I’m talking to you like you’re a real person with real feelings of dismay after having been ignored for so long). After the blast door … Continue reading

One Swift Stroke

[Editor's Note: As I watched Star Wars: A New Hope for the 881,671,984,684th time the other night, the scene right before the battle of Yavin played out in full HD on my 46" screen. Luke was pissed at Han because he was taking his reward and running despite knowing the Death Star was closing in … Continue reading

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble: A Bloggy Duel

[Editor's Note: I have made many new bloggy friends recently, among them a group of fearless and goofy women known as the Sister Wives. Among their number is a massively talented writer named Lizzi, who resides in England. Her blog, Considerings (which you should go follow NOW), is immensely enjoyable and incredibly diverse. There you … Continue reading

Miraculous Man and the Drunken Farm Boys

My boss is an idiot. Those were the words flowing through Matt’s mind as he traversed a narrow, two-lane road carving it’s way through the hills of Northern Kentucky. The pizza joint he worked for was getting desperate for business, and had expanded its delivery radius as a result. Now, Matt had to deliver to … Continue reading

Later That Night

She exhaled deeply and tried to relax. Just a little over an hour ago, she was attempting a calming drive after waking from an alcohol induced sleep. Earlier that night, she met with friends who were undoubtedly slumbering, now. Within hours, they would be waking up with splitting headaches and turning stomachs, aka hangovers. She … Continue reading

I Was Maimed by a Dinosaur

It was awful. There I was just minding my own business, doing my own thing, when the frightening green dinosaur came out of nowhere, grabbed my arm, and contorted it in ways it was never meant to go. “Hey! That hurts! Stop!” I cried in agony. A sick, twisted grin spread across the dino’s face, … Continue reading

The Drun Kenman Annals: Close the Blast Door!

Well, journal, the last few days have not been fun. In the aftermath of the “droid incident” I was questioned about my role in said incident by none other than Lord Vader himself and I was then transferred to the Death Star. The same ship that had blasted out of docking bay 94 on Tatooine … Continue reading


Finally home! Relaxation had to wait. My child headed for the back door to play outside. “No, wait!” I cried. Too late. BAM! Right into the glass door he couldn’t tell was there. Trifecta Challenge: This weekend we want you to give us 33 words (exactly) that include among them at least one example of … Continue reading

Fortune’s Forecast

The state fair.  I hated the state fair.  Sure, it was fun for the kids and I guess that’s what matters, but I loathe it.  I offered to let my wife take the kids by herself but for some reason she wasn’t as thrilled with the idea as I hoped she would be. The kids … Continue reading

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