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Blunt Life Coach Speaks About Haters, Idiots, and People Who Can’t Follow Directions

Well, well. It’s time again for me to dispense my wisdom to the waiting masses. A mad crowd gathers, awaiting my indispensable words. I can hardly blame them. Were I severely lacking in intelligence I’d probably be down there among them, madly craving the guidance I’d desperately need. Having said all that, I suppose I should … Continue reading

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Blunt Life Coach Might Be A Bit Tipsy

Twindaddy is drunk at the moment so I figured now is as good a time as any to assume control and bless you all with my invaluable knowledge. I know you all get lost without my direction and insight, so I’m here to answer your more than likely stupid questions. Shall we begin? Name: benzeknees … Continue reading

An Octave and a Four Letter Word

Hi there.  No, this isn’t going to be a poem that makes you want to rip your eyes out of their sockets, or vomit up your stomach.  Sorry.  Well, you may still want to but it won’t be due to my depression.  Sorry. It never ceases to amaze me when I see or hear reaction … Continue reading

Blunt Life Coach Speaks About Idiocy, Annoying Coworkers, and Going Commando

[Editor's Note: Blunt Life Coach won in the poll - by one vote - I posted last week so he will continue to stick around. I have decided, though, to place advisories on his posts so that everyone knows what to expect in the comments.] Well, I survived. It appears some sort of insurrection took … Continue reading

A Series of Fucked Up Events

It started off as a morning like any other. The alarm woke me abrasively, as it always does. It was all boringly routine. When I said it was time to go the twins remembered all the things they hadn’t done yet. Oh, I need my shoes! Augh! My MP3 player! Sigh.I dropped Baby C off with my … Continue reading

Blunt Life Coach™ Speaks About the Bird, Office Space, and Brad Pitt

Salutations, fuckers!  It’s that special time for me, Blunt Life Coach™, to answer your well-thought out or, in most cases, ignorant-ass questions.  How do you like my new look?  I look quite dapper, don’t I?  Actually, I just realized I don’t give a shit what you think, so disregard the question.  Speaking of questions, let’s … Continue reading

Blog Tag Again!

Well, who knew?  I played a little blog tag in February and it was somewhat amusing.  But now it’s come full circle and I’ve been tagged again.  This time by the ubiquitous Merbear. I debated doing this since it’s the exact same game and rules it was just a couple of months ago, but it’s Merbear…duh.  I … Continue reading

When Blunt Life Coach™ and Twindaddy Collide

So.  It’s the premier episode.  Season 2 of Prompts for the Promptless.  Be there or be square, or some other object with angles and stuph™.  Since it’s the season premiere you know we have to bust out the big guns to draw in the viewers, so I’m going to willingly do something I’ve never done … Continue reading

Blunt Life Coach™: The Beast Inside

The beast inside Longs to escape My entire being It tries to reshape The beast is cruel The beast is rotten Inside my head This creature has gotten

Five is a Four Letter Word

Baby C is an amazing boy.  He is an extremely intelligent and hilarious boy.  He’s always laughing and learning new things.  At just over two years old he has a pretty vast vocabulary already and can count to 11.

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