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Saturday 9: Blues in the Night

It might be! It could be! It be! ’tis Saturday! That means that I don’t have to set the sails this day. It also means that ’tis the hour fer th’ Saturday 9. Just in case ye’re wonderin’, ’tis be th’ return ‘o Cap’n Deadbones, an identity I assumed fer a short hour last year … Continue reading

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Social Media Madness

I’ve been pondering my social media presence for some time now. I have profiles on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. I also had pages set up for this here weblog on Facebook and G+. The ultimate goal of having a presence on social media is to have another place to interact with my readers and to … Continue reading

You Suck at Google

It’s time again to take a look at how you all arrived here. Sure, some of you have subscribed and you get emails telling you that I have published more brilliance for you to admire. Some of you fight the WP reader to be mesmerized by my prose. A few of you depend on Bloglovin … Continue reading

Unveiling the Mask?

I blog anonymously. Mostly. A handful of you guys have friended me on Facebook or Google+ and know my “secret” identity. I’ve gone to some lengths to keep my blog separate from real life for a multitude of reasons. Blogging for an audience who doesn’t know who I am frees me to talk about anything … Continue reading

I’m Not Ready to Make Nice

This morning while drinking my morning cup of coffee I was perusing my newsfeed on Facebook and came across this article about Natalie Maines‘ solo rock album, which was shared by a friend. Natalie Maines, for those of you who aren’t country fans, was the lead singer of the group The Dixie Chicks. That, however, is not what … Continue reading

How do you manage your online privacy?

Wait!  Daily Prompt!  Come back!  I wasn’t neglecting you I just had other things to write!  Geez, you’re a sensitive little topic, aren’t you?  Well, I’ll do this prompt whether or not you’re here with me or not.  So there! Um, wait.  If DP is gone who’s going to prompt me?  This sucks.  Um….I guess … Continue reading

(Blog) Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

Good morning, Stuph Maphia™!  You may be wondering why I’m awake so early this Saturday morning.  No?  Oh, well.  It was nice to imagine you cared.  I’m going to tell you anyway.  BABY C WON’T LET ME SLEEP IN!  AUGH!! Soooo, anyway, I just want to pimp out the social media sites associated with this … Continue reading

YouTube Tuesday 4/2/2013

I’m kinda feeling down today and wasn’t planning on posting today, but with enough coffee in me now I’m feeling a bit better and realized I needed to do a YouTube Tuesday post.  Well, I guess I don’t need to, but in order for me to not feel like a total slacker/loser/hack I do need … Continue reading

Do You Get Social Media?

Social media.  Bringing us together since the early 90’s.  Can’t leave the house?  Hang out online!  Social media enables us to communicate with those we wouldn’t otherwise be able to communicate with an a consistent basis.  We can use it to share our lives, pictures, words, and ideas.  Or, as it is more frequently used … Continue reading

Parenting inspired by Red Foreman

As I was perusing my stats the other day, I saw that a particular meme I had uploaded had generated some hits due to Google searches for Red Forman.  This particular meme, to be precise:

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