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That’s My Girl!!!

Whenever my daughter hears, or sees, something new, she gets a particular look on her face. It’s half confusion (because she doesn’t know what she just heard or saw) and half excitement (at discovering something new). Since she’s at an age where most things are still new to her, she gets her “new thing” look … Continue reading

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Rough Couple of Weeks

It all started two weeks ago today. It was a normal Saturday. My wife and I ran some errands, caught up on some missed TV shows, and played around with our daughter. Then, just as we were starting to get Baby E settled down to go to sleep, it happened. She got sick. Vomiting is … Continue reading

Sweet, Sweet Validation

Since I began blogging over three years ago, I’ve read a handful of posts from mothers who chose to formula feed their children, and they spoke about the backlash they received for that decision. They were shamed. Their commitment to raising a healthy child was questioned. They were told they were horrible parents. They were … Continue reading

My Oldest Surviving Memory

[Editor's Note: For this month's Remember the Time, Emily and Kelly would like to know what our earliest recollection is. I had written about my earliest memory in response to a Daily Prompt  back in December of 2012, so I'm dressing this post up and adding a few things to it and making it seem like … Continue reading

That Song That Made Me Cry

Darkness blanketed the scenery. Not a single cloud littered the night sky. The stars wanly illuminated the frosty landscape. The trees were barren. The grass alternating shades of lifeless brown and faded green.  It was the dead of winter and scene outside of my Ford Windstar certainly confirmed that. It was January of the year … Continue reading

On This Day, Three Years Ago…

On January 18, 2011, I welcomed my third child into this fucked up world. I hope he forgives me for that. Baby C is three years old today. The last three years have been full of dirty diapers, sleep deprivation, hilarity, and magic. There is no tougher or demanding job than being a parent, but … Continue reading

Partners In Crime

It’s amazing watching children interact with each other sometimes. As I’m writing this, I’m watching Baby E and Baby C run around my living room. Those two are close. It’s pretty easy to see why. One, they’re cousins. And two, they’re both watched by my mother during the week. So, they spend a lot of time together. … Continue reading


This past Saturday I spent the morning helping my father out with his move a bit. He already had a garage full of boxes, and needed help moving most of them to the basement. He has already had one knee replacement surgery, and the exertion of descending and climbing steps (with additional weight) for that … Continue reading

Breaking News

This is a breaking news report from the Stuph News Network. (Aside: News is always breaking. Why does no one ever fix the news?) Authorities have confirmed the detonation of a fecal weapon (aka: dirty bomb) in Baby C’s diaper at approximately 7:24PM this evening. Debris from the blast shot through every possible opening in the … Continue reading

Once Upon a Time

I carry with me many fond memories of the twins from the last 14 years. Goofy things they’ve said and done. Cute things that used to make me smile so wide I would nearly break my face. For instance, the time one of them fell asleep in his closet under a mountain of stuphed animals … Continue reading

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