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Star Wars EU: It Was Only Just a Dream

When Disney bought LucasFilm from George Lucas almost two years ago and announced that they would begin making additional Star Wars movies, I was cautiously optimistic. Many people were afraid of what they’d do to the universe Mr. Lucas created, to which I said they couldn’t make it any worse than Lucas already had (see Jar Jar … Continue reading

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Countess Penelope and the Jedi Mind Trick

[Editor's Note: I am very pleased and humbled to welcome a very talented author to the ranks of our guest bloggers here, Maphia. Helena Hann-Basquiat is an insanely talented writer whose prose reek of elegance and hilarity, as you are about to find out. I know you'll enjoy this every bit as much as I did.] I … Continue reading

10 Things I Would Totally Do If I Had Jedi Powers

Have you ever been arguing with someone and just wanted to force-choke that bitch because he or she just wasn’t getting it? Have you ever tried your best to talk someone into doing something and wished the you could just wave your hand and they’d absent-mindedly yield to your demands? Have you ever sat down … Continue reading

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan – A Recap and a Rant

[Author's Note: This turned out to be a LOT longer than I had anticipated.  Bravo to you if you make it through this post.  And thanks for reading.] I wrote a post a long time ago pondering whether or not a possible sequel to Knights of the Old Republic 2 could be vexed by the … Continue reading

Daily Prompt: Flawed

What is your worst quality? This is a tough one.  Not because I can’t think of one, but because I can’t think of which one is actually the worst.  We’ll call it a tie, I guess.  There is no clear-cut winner here. I have absolutely no patience.  When I want something I want it now. … Continue reading

Hero of the Moment: “Jedi” Thug

Police in Portland, Oregon were called to a Toys-R-Us Wednesday night because some douche was assaulting people with a toy lightsaber.  Hilarious. You may be asking yourself why this guy is my Hero of the Moment.  I’m getting there. By the time police arrived on the scene, the deranged toy-lightsaber-wielding attacker was now assaulting folks … Continue reading

Worst Star Wars movie: Attack of the Clones

I’ve long thought that Attack of the Clones is the weakest Star Wars movie of the two trilogies.  Sure, the entire prequel trilogy is weak compared to the original trilogy, but it is still enjoyable to me.  Mostly. I popped Episode I into the DVD player the other day and watched it, and still the … Continue reading

Don’t mess with the Jedi Master

My wife and I were at the store yesterday morning, picking up a few groceries. We finish our shopping, walk out to the car, and load the bags into the trunk. It had been snowing, and, while the windows had been cleared off, the rest of the car hadn’t so there was still an inch … Continue reading

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