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I Lose

“Time to clean up. We’re going to bed soon,” I told Baby C. “Yes. We’re gonna sleep in Daddy’s bed,” he assured me. Um, no. “No, you’re gonna sleep in C’s bed.” He sighed before saying, “Okay.” Cleaning up, as it always is, was a pain in the ass. C likes to redecorate the living … Continue reading

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Looking For Doo Doo

A few days ago, my mother was over at my house visiting. She was sitting on the couch with my wife, while I was sitting in a computer chair next to them. We talked for a few minutes before Baby E ran up and stopped in the middle of all of us. My daughter pointed towards … Continue reading


Two years ago, I was just a guy who didn’t really know what I was doing. Whenever something new came along, I just went with the first thing that came into my head and hoped it was right. Now, two years later, I’m pretty much still in the same boat. My little girl celebrated her … Continue reading

The Phantom Cry

I woke to the sound of your cry. My bedroom was pitched black, it was some time in the wee hours of the morning, and I was still warmly and comfortably curled underneath my covers in bed. This has been our routine the last few weeks. You wake up some time between 2 and 3 … Continue reading

My Turbulent Relationship With My Father

There’s a lot of love going around for daddies this week since Father’s Day is upon us here in the states. As I’ve been reading these posts I realized that I’ve never really spoken much of my father on this here weblog. Sure, I have mentioned him in passing as part of an anecdote, but … Continue reading

A New Normal

“Are you gonna cry?” my mother asked as we walked towards the school gymnasium. “No,” I answered quickly before quipping, “At least, not in front of anyone.” We made it to the entrance where two teachers were collecting tickets from all the spectators who came to watch their children, grandchildren, or nieces and nephews get … Continue reading

Change Starts at Home

Yesterday I stood upon a soapbox and professed my shame for the actions of some of my fellow men. Change is needed but the acts required to effect that change elude me. I have no idea, other than adding my voice to the masses already calling for change, what actions are necessary. I’m laughably broke … Continue reading

The Next Phase

When I arrived at my ex’s house Monday evening to pick up the twins, my ex lumbered through the front door clutching a sheet of paper. I mentally braced myself for what would likely be bad news, and prepared myself for the grating of her voice on my so very sensitive and delicate ears. As … Continue reading

Ten Things of Thankful #45

Ack! I almost forgot about this new bloggy endeavor I had taken. So here it is, 3:30 on Sunday afternoon, and I’m just now remembering that I have to be thankful. Not only do I have to be thankful, I have to be thankful for 10 whole things. That’s a whole lot of thankfulness. I … Continue reading

That’s My Girl!!!

Whenever my daughter hears, or sees, something new, she gets a particular look on her face. It’s half confusion (because she doesn’t know what she just heard or saw) and half excitement (at discovering something new). Since she’s at an age where most things are still new to her, she gets her “new thing” look … Continue reading

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