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Knights of the Old Republic

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Exclamation: Best. Daily Prompt. Ever.

Well, well. The Daily Prompt has actually given me a prompt I’m excited about.  Admittedly, I’ve saved all the emails from recent DP posts in a folder on the off-chance that maybe one day they’ll inspire me, but this one is probably my favorite prompt ever. By now I’m sure your curiosity is piqued and … Continue reading

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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan – A Recap and a Rant

[Author's Note: This turned out to be a LOT longer than I had anticipated.  Bravo to you if you make it through this post.  And thanks for reading.] I wrote a post a long time ago pondering whether or not a possible sequel to Knights of the Old Republic 2 could be vexed by the … Continue reading

Will there ever be a KOTOR3?

For years, gamers have been clamoring for a third and final chapter in the Knights of the Old Republic saga.  We all want to know what has happened to our beloved characters.  Where did Revan go?  Did the Exile find him?  What did Revan find out in the Unknown Regions that turned him to the … Continue reading

Knights of the Old Republic 2: Restored Content

  I have finally completed KOTOR 2 with the Restored Content mod installed.  I completed it as a male, light-side Jedi.  The ending is completely different with the restored content.   To be honest, not much changes throughout most of the game.  The beginning and the adventures you have traveling to the five planets (Telos, … Continue reading

Giving KOTOR 2 another shot…

I got discouraged with KOTOR 2 a few months ago because the Restoration content wasn’t working properly.  I quit playing it for a while. I took one of my laptops and installed Windows XP on it (which is the OS that KOTOR 2 was designed to work with) and am going to try again.  The … Continue reading

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