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I’m Influential? Is That a Sign of the Apocalypse?

I was nominated for an award way, way back on April 7, by my favorite Aussie blogger Steph, of She Said What? fame(don’t let the fact that she’s the only Aussie blogger I know detract from the compliment) and by my favorite jester (don’t let the fact that he’s the only jester blogger I know … Continue reading

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The Return of Blunt Life Coach™

It is time.  The moment has arrived.  The most anticipated event since the last most anticipated event is finally here.  Yes, dearest reader, it is the return of Blunt Life Coach™.

Blunt Life Coach: 7/19/2012

I have writer’s block again so I’m answering some more Dear Abby questions in the rudest way possible.  Again.  Yay for originality! What do you think about a grandmother getting into a Jacuzzi with her 6-year-old granddaughter? This has caused a big rift in our family. At a large recent family gathering, my daughter couldn’t … Continue reading

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