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I never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed.  This post comes days later than the prompt. The Daily Prompt from 6/22/13 queried the Dear WordPress Community what word they would permanently ban from existence if they had that omnipotent ability.  Twindaddy offered up the N word.  Out of respect, not censorship, I … Continue reading

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When Blunt Life Coach™ and Twindaddy Collide

So.  It’s the premier episode.  Season 2 of Prompts for the Promptless.  Be there or be square, or some other object with angles and stuph™.  Since it’s the season premiere you know we have to bust out the big guns to draw in the viewers, so I’m going to willingly do something I’ve never done … Continue reading

A Dream Come True

So many of my fellow bloggers have been participating in the Trifecta Challenge I thought it might be interesting to try it myself.  If you’re interested in the Trifecta Challenge, visit their page here. This weekend’s challenge is as follows: This weekend we’re asking for exactly 33 of your own words inspired by the following … Continue reading

Taming the Heart

Here is another poetic duet that I’ve written with the beautiful and talented Miss Hasty.  If you aren’t already following her blog, I’m disappointed in you.  There’s still time, though!  Head on over and click on the follow button for a daily dose of beautiful poetry.

Why I Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover

I have not been inspired too awfully much by the prompts the last few days.  Aw, who am I kidding?  They’ve been horrible.  Well, I take that back.  Yesterday’s was okay, and I have experienced déjà vu before, but they were completely mundane events and nothing noteworthy so I didn’t feel like boring you all … Continue reading

The Life of Twindaddy, A New Mystery Novel

Five!  Five days in a row!  That’s, like, almost an entire work week or something.  Today’s prompt is extremely contemplative and thought-provoking…for everyone else but me.  Coherent thoughts elude me right now.  Okay, prompt me! If you could have any author –living or dead – write your biography, who would you choose?

Musical Schizophrenic and Produce

[Note from Twindaddy: This is the first post from our new author 1jaded1.  As you will be able to see for yourself below, Jaded is an excellent writer and I know she will be a wonderful addition to our Unshitty™ blog.  Please join me in welcoming her and ensure you leave some Unshitty™ comments below.] … Continue reading

Be Our Guest!

Earlier this week, I published my very first ever guest post over on Fish of Gold.  Shameless plug: Get over there and check it out if you haven’t because it reeks with Unshittiness™.  And so does Fish of Gold.  Also earlier week, Stuphblog™ published its very first guest post, authored by none other than Goldfish herself. … Continue reading

A New Look

Some of you may have noticed that this here weblog looks a little differently than it did the last time you were here.  That’s because it does.

Daily Prompt: That Stings!

Franz Kafka said, “we ought to read only books that bite and sting us.” What’s the last thing you read that bit and stung you? Well, today’s DP is truly inspiring.  It has spawned two vitally important questions. Who the fuck is Franz Kafka? *runs to Wikipedia* Okay, I’m back.  Wikipedia says that he was … Continue reading

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