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Random Thoughts: 6/2/2012

Looks like the Saints players who denied the existence of a bounty system in New Orleans were lying.  I love how they’ve all been proclaiming their innocence since they were all suspended.  Like the NFL would suspend without solid proof of wrong-doing.  Idiots. A survey of 1000 idiots people has found that 20% of people … Continue reading

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Will there ever be a KOTOR3?

For years, gamers have been clamoring for a third and final chapter in the Knights of the Old Republic saga.  We all want to know what has happened to our beloved characters.  Where did Revan go?  Did the Exile find him?  What did Revan find out in the Unknown Regions that turned him to the … Continue reading

Knights of the Old Republic 2: Restored Content

  I have finally completed KOTOR 2 with the Restored Content mod installed.  I completed it as a male, light-side Jedi.  The ending is completely different with the restored content.   To be honest, not much changes throughout most of the game.  The beginning and the adventures you have traveling to the five planets (Telos, … Continue reading

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