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Mental health

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The Good Advice You Just Can’t Take

[Editor’s Note: This post has been in the works for weeks. I kept trying to write it, but another blogger kept finding her way into my blog and interrupting my thoughts. While this post tackles a serious issue for myself and my intruder, it’s fairly light-hearted at times, too. I hope you enjoy reading this … Continue reading

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Why I Walk

My son has an uncle he has never met. I have a picture of that uncle hanging in his room. A picture of a vibrant young man climbing the rocks of Red River Gorge with a gargantuan smile plastered on his sweaty face. The picture hangs on the wall just above Baby C’s changing table, … Continue reading

Awaiting a New Dawn

That feeling you get when no matter how much you sleep You feel like a zombie locked away in depression’s keep There is no energy and no fucks to give Your soul languishing, seeking a reason to live Motivation is merely a word, not something you recognize Craters the size of Texas fester under your … Continue reading

My Turbulent Relationship With My Father

There’s a lot of love going around for daddies this week since Father’s Day is upon us here in the states. As I’ve been reading these posts I realized that I’ve never really spoken much of my father on this here weblog. Sure, I have mentioned him in passing as part of an anecdote, but … Continue reading


The first thing I wanted that morning was to go back to fucking sleep. I had been up into the wee hours of the morning tossing and turning, my mind a tempest of self-loathing thoughts. Insomnia is an evil bitch. Insomnia and depression united is an almost insurmountable foe. I needed sleep. I knew I needed sleep. It … Continue reading

Change Starts at Home

Yesterday I stood upon a soapbox and professed my shame for the actions of some of my fellow men. Change is needed but the acts required to effect that change elude me. I have no idea, other than adding my voice to the masses already calling for change, what actions are necessary. I’m laughably broke … Continue reading

Elliot Rodger, Mental Health, and #YesAllWomen

Unless you’ve been living in solitude, blissfully ignorant of the world’s happenings and happy to keep it that way, you’ve no doubt heard about the #YesAllWomen revolution that has taken place on Twitter the last few days. Women are coming out of the woodwork and sharing stories of abuse, harassment, and misogyny they experienced at … Continue reading

25 Days, 25 Songs: Day 9

Day 9 – A song that makes you hopeful Today’s song is going to be challenging. Hope is something elusive to me these days. I try to be as positive as is possible for me, but then more shit happens. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve had even a somewhat positive outlook on … Continue reading

25 Days, 25 Songs: Day 8

We’re flying right through this challenge, eh? It’s already Day 8, and this trooper is wondering where the time is going. Today’s song is to be one that reminds you of your first love. Day 8 My first love, eh? Well, as a sophomore in high school I ran into a girl named Mikki at … Continue reading

25 Days, 25 Songs: Day 7

Awwww, we got all sappy yesterday and thought of our BFFL’s. *wipes tears from his eye* Anyway, we must march on. The challenge dictates it. Today I must choose a song that reminds my of the past summer. Day 7 If this past summer wasn’t the hardest I’ve ever endured, then it’s in the top … Continue reading

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