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Michigan Wolverines

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Parenting inspired by Red Foreman

As I was perusing my stats the other day, I saw that a particular meme I had uploaded had generated some hits due to Google searches for Red Forman.  This particular meme, to be precise: About these ads

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Ask Revis – The Questions Answered

I ask for your questions and a couple of you gave them to me. So today, dear readers, I will answer the questions you have set for me. From Melanie: Are you the big brother or the little brother? Are you older or younger? Those are different questions. Who won the childhood fights and who … Continue reading

Sports is Now and New Shoes

So I wrote a post about bad weather, and I kept saying Sports is Next.  Well, that’s how they do it in the news, right?  Now I’m saying Sports is Now.  Unfortunately, I mostly only follow 4 sports.  Hockey, Football, Soccer and Lacrosse.  Football is over.  That is the suck.  Soccer news is not followed … Continue reading

Hoke on flipping prospects: ‘It’s recruiting. It’s competitive’ | CollegeFootballTalk

Hoke on flipping prospects: ‘It’s recruiting. It’s competitive’ | CollegeFootballTalk. So I just read the above article on CollegeFootballTalk, obviously, in which it describes University of Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema and Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio as being upset and making outlandish unethical recruiting allegations against new OSU coach Urban Meyer. Bielema has vaguely accused … Continue reading

My (un)restful vacation

The kids get their “fall break” on Thanksgiving.  They get the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off, and don’t have to go back until Monday. I used a vacation day for that Wednesday so I could spend all five days with them.  I was hoping to recreate and get some rest.  That didn’t happen. First thing Wednesday … Continue reading

Michigan got hosed

I only got to see the last quarter of today’s game with the Iowa Hawkeyes because I was busy doing other things.  The game came down to the last few seconds and the Wolverines got screwed. They got the ball back with about 2 minutes left in the game.  The Wolverines were down 24-16.  They … Continue reading

Pulling an Upset

Last night the Ohio State Buckeyes defeated the 15th ranked Wisconsin Badgers 33-29 in Columbus. I’m not going to say this was the biggest upset in college football this season, but it’s probably the biggest upset in the Big Ten this season. When you consider how badly the Buckeyes offense has been playing, this was … Continue reading

Denard at running back?

It was bound to happen, I guess, that Michigan would lose a game this year. MSU seems to have Denard’s number. They held him in check every time he’s played them. That being said, I think this offseason coach Brady Hoke should consider moving Denard to either receiver or running back. Preferably running back as I … Continue reading

Being the Black Sheep

I’ve long known that I’m the black sheep of my family. I’m the only one in my family (including aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) that isn’t a Michigan Wolverines fan. I’m an Ohio State Buckeyes fan. I’ve gotten all kinds of grief over this, but I don’t care. I love the Buckeyes. I don’t know why. … Continue reading

Michigan barely tops Notre Dame in the first ever night game in the Big House

The Michigan Wolverines had absolutely no business winning tonight.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they did.  They played terribly, though.  Denard Robinson threw three picks.  He missed many more open receivers.  When he did manage to throw a pass on target the receivers often dropped them.  The Notre Dame offense moved the ball at … Continue reading

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