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The “Dirty Connotations” Road Sign

In my previous post about Needmore Rd, Naked Blog Goddess and Melanie both asked to see a street sign with dirty connotations.  So I have decided to grant their wish. So, here, I present to you the most hilarious exit sign ever off of I-75 in Michigan.  You’re welcome. Big Beaver Rd all by itself … Continue reading

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Hi Dad…

You’ve been gone for almost 6 years now.  I can’t believe it has been that long.  Some days it seems as if it were yesterday.  I remember it that vividly.  People say it gets easier.  People say anything in attempts to comfort.

Freakin’ kids

  So this weekend we’re going to Whitmore Lake in Michigan for a family reunion.  I took the following week off so I could spend some time with my children. Among the things I had planned was going to see the new Spiderman and Batman movies with them. So much for that idea.  They’re both … Continue reading

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