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Random Thoughts: 6/13/2012

Apparently Robert Pattinson hates being called R-Patz.  Well, Robert, if you could act or choose wiser roles to accept the rest of us might care. A financially destitute school district in Michigan, not content just to cut jobs, is now going to cut (or try to) down 55 trees on its propertyand sell the wood … Continue reading

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When going green goes awry

About a month ago, the plant where I work went green and installed light switches everywhere with sensors in them.  The sensors detect when someone is there and turn on the lights.  If roughly five minutes pass and no movement is detected the lights turn off. This is great for the plant.  They save money … Continue reading

Thoughts from the Throne: Chain of Fail

On my way home from work, I was stopped at one of the many stoplights I must traverse through when I noticed the ugliest thing:  there was a woman walking the sidewalk wearing a solid gray shirt with vertically striped blue and white capris. I’ll wait here whilst you imagine this vomit-inducing sight. You back? … Continue reading

Did you want me to trim your eyebrows?

Getting old sucks.  As a man, when you grow older you have to deal with hair coming in where there never was hair before.  AND you have to deal with hair disappearing from places it has always been. My sister-in-law used to be a hair dresser.  I say used to be because she recently obtained … Continue reading

Random Thoughts: 6/2/2012

Looks like the Saints players who denied the existence of a bounty system in New Orleans were lying.  I love how they’ve all been proclaiming their innocence since they were all suspended.  Like the NFL would suspend without solid proof of wrong-doing.  Idiots. A survey of 1000 idiots people has found that 20% of people … Continue reading

And they keep rolling in…

We have been nominated for another award courtesy of Dabutcha.  Dabutcha, or Rob as he is called in real life, is a talented writer who I have nominated for multiple awards.  His posts are witty, funny, and always entertaining.  The best thing about Rob, however, is that he thinks we’re deserving of this award.  Either … Continue reading

Another award? You love me! You really love me!

We have been nominated for another award!!  Go team! Datingbitch of OnlineDatingJournal has nominated us for the Sunshine Blogger Award.  I again scoured the internet (read: looked through one page of Google search results) to see if there was some criteria that must be met for this award or if there was some other meaning … Continue reading

Random Thoughts: 4/9/2012

15,000 people showed up at a church in Georgetown, Texas to hear Tim Tebow preach on Easter Sunday.  This gives birth to multiple questions.  Aren’t there more qualified people to hear preach?  Is Tebow saying something different from any other preacher?  Why are people so enamored with this guy?  Many people wear their faith on … Continue reading

Thoughts from the Throne: Easter

So today is Easter.  I had a nice day.  My mother-in-law came over to visit Baby C.  He had a fun time with his basket full of goodies.  Mostly he enjoyed the plastic eggs.  He would put them all in the basket and take them all back out of the basket.  Then he took them … Continue reading

Random Thoughts: 4/6/2012

James Bond fans are outraged because 007 will be drinking Heineken in the new movie Skyfall instead of his usual martini – shaken, not stirred.  Get a freakin’ life people.  It’s a movie and a fictional character.  Terms such as “sacrilege” do not apply here. The Baltimore Orioles played a charity game against a local … Continue reading

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