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Coming Out Letter

Dearest Stuph Maphia I’m writing you this letter because I have something I need to confess. Something that has been plaguing me like a raging hemorrhoid. I have a secret. A shameful secret. This secret has kept me up at night, lost in thought, wondering if you’d still be so accepting of me if you … Continue reading

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How do you manage your online privacy?

Wait!  Daily Prompt!  Come back!  I wasn’t neglecting you I just had other things to write!  Geez, you’re a sensitive little topic, aren’t you?  Well, I’ll do this prompt whether or not you’re here with me or not.  So there! Um, wait.  If DP is gone who’s going to prompt me?  This sucks.  Um….I guess … Continue reading

Do You Get Social Media?

Social media.  Bringing us together since the early 90’s.  Can’t leave the house?  Hang out online!  Social media enables us to communicate with those we wouldn’t otherwise be able to communicate with an a consistent basis.  We can use it to share our lives, pictures, words, and ideas.  Or, as it is more frequently used … Continue reading

How Facebook Saved My Marriage

There’s a certain stigma attached to social media whether it be Facebook, Twitter, MySpace (does anyone still use it?), Google+ (has anyone STARTED using it?), Pinterest, and the plethora of other social media sites that I don’t have the time nor inclination to list here.  While social media allows us to easily stay in touch … Continue reading

Another year…

Today I start my 36th year on this planet. Meaning that today, I also turned 35 years old. I don’t feel any different now that I’m legally allowed to be president of the United States and I don’t know if I should.  For some reason I kind of feel like 35 is some sort of … Continue reading

An award? For Me? I’d like to thank all the little people I stepped on to get here….

We’ve been nominated for our very first award:  The Versatile Blogger Award. I searched frantically (for like 10 minutes) for the actual criteria for this award, and the only thing I could find anywhere are the rules listed below.  I thought maybe there were certain measures that might need to be reached in order to … Continue reading

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