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NCAA Violations

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My Football Year

My football year was kind of disappointing. This is the first year in about 10 years that I didn’t play fantasy football. This was for a couple of reasons. One, even though I know there are free leagues out there, the one I normally play in has an entry fee and we’ve been broke ever … Continue reading

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NCAA needs a facelift

By now you’ve all heard about the sanctions (or coming sanctions) against the Ohio State, West Virginia, North Carolina, and USC collegiate football programs.  “The U”, the University of Miami is called, has allegedly outdone them all.  Combined. Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports has interviewed former booster Nevin Shapiro for the last 11 months and … Continue reading

WVU imposes own sanctions as well, NCAA accepts

The Ohio State University is hardly the only school under the scrutinous eyes of the NCAA. West Virginia University is also guilty of major violations stemmed from the Rich Rodriguez era…go figure. The nature of the violation was basically too much contact between players and coaches during the offseasons from 2005 to 2009…while Rich Rodriguez was … Continue reading

OSU imposes own sanctions

Ohio State University received a Notice of Allegations from the NCAA today and, in the hopes of the NCAA going light on them after their August 12 hearing, have imposed sanctions on themselves.  The allegations, and OSU’s response, can be found here. Ohio State has imposed the following sanctions on their football program: a. Vacate … Continue reading

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