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The Reason Bad Things Happen to You is Because You’re a Dumbass

Let’s pretend, dear reader. Pretend you’re a wanted criminal. The crime is irrelevant to this hypothetical situation, so whatever crimes you’ve always dreamed of committing but haven’t because you have, you know, morals…pretend you did that. Finally. Next, let’s pretend that the police are so inept that they can’t catch you, which, let’s face it, … Continue reading

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A&E, Phil Robertson, and Unpopular Opinions

Duck Dynasty. We’ve all heard of it. Sadly. It is A&E’s popular show about a wealthy family who owns a company called Duck Commander, which is famous for its duck calls. I have seen only a few minutes of the show when I was forced by my boss to watch it as he laughed about something … Continue reading

The Knock Out Game?

I don’t often watch the news. Every time I do a story will inevitably run which further drains my hope in humanity. I have no tolerance for the political shitstorm in which this country is currently embroiled; it’s all posturing by politicians pandering to their respective extremist parties. Even worse than the political bullshit is … Continue reading

Stop Violence Against…Everyone

Last night after I put Baby C to bed I went downstairs to fiddle around on the internet a bit while I waited for him to fall asleep and the twins took their showers.  I was on Facebook scrolling through a cornucopia of hilarious memes, pictures of my friends’ children, and funny anecdotes when I came … Continue reading

Hero of the Moment: Michael Patterson

If, like me, you’re disgusted by today’s celebrity-oriented society in which actors, athletes, and models or other celebrities are heroes simply because they’re famous, I have some refreshing news for you:  true heroism is not dead.  It’s just simply been ignored. I want to share with you a heroic story, though the story ends tragically. … Continue reading

Kraft, One Million Moms Engaged in Meaningless Online Feud

Well, here’s a full-house of stupidity.  Kraft recently launched an ad campaign for its Zesty Italian salad dressing with a bare-chested, hot Italian dude endorsing the product.  In one particular ad, the dude is laying naked on a picnic blanket with a corner of the blanket pulled over his, um, junk (modesty people!) and a … Continue reading

Enough is Enough, Facebook

There has been some unrest in the Facebook kingdom of late, and rightfully so.  It seems that Facebook selectively enforces their hate speech guidelines.  While ads supporting breast cancer are denied because they show a breast, images of a woman with tape over her mouth that say “don’t tap it and wrap it, tape her … Continue reading

This Should Never Have Happened

So with all the mass shootings going on recently you’d think there’d be an even greater emphasis on gun safety by gun owners.  You’d think with all the attention and criticism heading their way by the non-gun-owning population that they’d be doing what they can to not give any more ammunition (pun not intended) to … Continue reading

Hero of the Moment: The Honorable Judge Innuendo

It’s been a long time since I have made an entry into our Hero of the Moment annals.  Too long, actually.  I fail.  I suck at blogging.  Oh well.  I’m over it now. Anyhow, I have a new Hero of the Moment.  And it’s a judge, surprisingly, but I’ll get to that in a minute. … Continue reading

Jason Collins: Trailblazer

Finally.  An active player from one of the four major American sports leagues has finally “come out” of the closet.  It’s long overdue and frankly I’m surprised it has taken as long as it has. The intrepid soul who came out is Jason Collins, a Center, most recently for the Washington Wizards.  He bravely announced that … Continue reading

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