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Watching What I Wear

I work in a warehouse, so my attire isn’t very important to them. As long a there is no cussing, or anything sexually explicit, on my shirts, I can wear anything that I want. That usually means that I’ll wear all of my oldest shirts to work because I’ll be less likely to care if … Continue reading

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Letter To Strangers

Dear people I haven’t met, This might be a little hard for you to understand, but just because I’m wearing a football shirt (whether Ohio State or Carolina Panthers), it doesn’t mean I want you to come up and talk to me about it. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy talking about football. I just … Continue reading

Letter To The President

Dear Gordon Gee (President of Ohio State University), I am a lifelong Ohio State fan. I have loved your university for as long as I can remember. I’ve stuck by it through good times, and bad. Now, you’ve come along and made all of the people who are fans of your university look like crap because … Continue reading

Ask Revis – The Questions Answered

I ask for your questions and a couple of you gave them to me. So today, dear readers, I will answer the questions you have set for me. From Melanie: Are you the big brother or the little brother? Are you older or younger? Those are different questions. Who won the childhood fights and who … Continue reading

My Football Year

My football year was kind of disappointing. This is the first year in about 10 years that I didn’t play fantasy football. This was for a couple of reasons. One, even though I know there are free leagues out there, the one I normally play in has an entry fee and we’ve been broke ever … Continue reading

Hoke on flipping prospects: ‘It’s recruiting. It’s competitive’ | CollegeFootballTalk

Hoke on flipping prospects: ‘It’s recruiting. It’s competitive’ | CollegeFootballTalk. So I just read the above article on CollegeFootballTalk, obviously, in which it describes University of Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema and Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio as being upset and making outlandish unethical recruiting allegations against new OSU coach Urban Meyer. Bielema has vaguely accused … Continue reading

Penalties Handed Out to Ohio State

Due to the infractions committed by Jim Tressel, the NCAA has added additional penalties to the Ohio State football program. The university put itself on two years of probation and cut back on 5 scholarships, hoping that the NCAA would be happy with that. They weren’t. The NCAA put the Buckeyes on a one year … Continue reading

Most Fun Players To Watch

Any time you make a list like this, it’s always subjective. What I think is fun to watch might not be what you think is fun. I’ve also included both pro and college players on the list. As most of the college football I watch is Ohio State, they, of course, are all Buckeyes. Like … Continue reading

Pulling an Upset

Last night the Ohio State Buckeyes defeated the 15th ranked Wisconsin Badgers 33-29 in Columbus. I’m not going to say this was the biggest upset in college football this season, but it’s probably the biggest upset in the Big Ten this season. When you consider how badly the Buckeyes offense has been playing, this was … Continue reading

Buckeyes beat a ranked team

Illinois, while ranked, is still Illinois. Yes, they were undefeated before yesterday, but they played a bunch of nobodys, with the exception of Arizona State (which is currently ranked, but that will change as they were spanked by Oregon yesterday). Even their Big 10 games were against a couple of the weaker teams in the conference (Northwestern … Continue reading

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