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The Knock Out Game?

I don’t often watch the news. Every time I do a story will inevitably run which further drains my hope in humanity. I have no tolerance for the political shitstorm in which this country is currently embroiled; it’s all posturing by politicians pandering to their respective extremist parties. Even worse than the political bullshit is … Continue reading

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You Must Be 21 to Smoke

New York City made news last year when it banned the sale of sugary drinks (soda, pop, Coke, whatever they call it in your part of the country) in containers larger than 16 ounces in restaurants (and other establishments) with ultimate goal of healthier New York City residents. The bill was quarterbacked (sorry, it’s football season) … Continue reading

Twindaddy: Pottymouth

Last week I read an extremely provocative piece on the Daily Post regarding swearing, or not, on your blog. I know swearing is something that many people feel very passionately about. Some people can’t abide swearing. They feel it’s disrespectful and gauche. Others swear as a way to combat censorship. Swear words, to them, are just … Continue reading

Rant: Littering

During my commute to work this morning, I passed through a mowing zone. Workers were out and about this crisp autumn morn, bundled up in warm apparel and wearing their mandatory blaze-orange vests so they wouldn’t be hit by some unsuspecting motorist. The scene I passed through befuddled me. We had our first frost last … Continue reading

The correct response is, “You’re welcome…”

[Editor's Note: It's Friday, Maphia! I'd like to celebrate that fact by having a new guest grace this here weblog with her prose. Please welcome Sofia Leo, who has an opinion and isn't afraid to share it. After you've learned from Sofia's wise words, please head on over to her blog, where she is blogging … Continue reading

Rant: Passive Aggression

passive-aggressive adjective denoting or pertaining to a personality type or behavior marked by the expression of negative emotions in passive, indirect ways, as through manipulation or noncooperation (courtesy of dictionary.com) The internet has given a voice to millions of people. People who avoid confrontation,  yet still like to rebel. People who are pissed off for some reason or another, yet can’t bring themselves to say anything to the people responsible for their anger. So they express their … Continue reading

Miley Cyrus, MTV, and the Finger of Blame

By a show of hands, who here is tired of hearing about Miley Cyrus? Let’s see. Oh, wow. Everybody. Yeah, me too. I was tired of her when she was just a twinkle in her daddy’s achy breaky loins. However, the fine folks at the Daily Prompt have solicited our opinions on her “performance” at … Continue reading

Expecting Company

When I worked at Wal-Mart, it seemed like every other month that management was coming up to us, saying that we had company coming. The company was always someone from Home Office or was a Regional Manager, or someone a lot more important than anyone who worked in our store. Our store’s managers would freak … Continue reading

Stop Violence Against…Everyone

Last night after I put Baby C to bed I went downstairs to fiddle around on the internet a bit while I waited for him to fall asleep and the twins took their showers.  I was on Facebook scrolling through a cornucopia of hilarious memes, pictures of my friends’ children, and funny anecdotes when I came … Continue reading

Salutations? Ain’t Nobody Got Time Fo Dat!

Do you remember back in elementary school when you were taught the fine art of writing a letter? Dear so and so. Signed, Twindaddy. The emphasis on salutations? The formality of it all? Of course, no one really writes letters any more. At least, no one I know does. We all use email. Or, for … Continue reading

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