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Reaffirming Life Moment

Last night was a rough night in our household.  Baby C was cranky when I picked him up after work.  He did not have a nap yesterday afternoon.  He was fussy and nothing would please him. It was a struggle to get his socks, shoes, and coat on, but when we finally did I was … Continue reading

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When Life Throws Lemons…

It’s time to slow down on the funny for a bit, and change to something serious.  I know, I know.  There’s no fun in that, but it’s time for an update on my life which, unlike my Unshitty™ blog, is quite shitty and sinking further into the toilet bowl. When I last updated you things were … Continue reading

Blunt Life Coach: 7/19/2012

I have writer’s block again so I’m answering some more Dear Abby questions in the rudest way possible.  Again.  Yay for originality! What do you think about a grandmother getting into a Jacuzzi with her 6-year-old granddaughter? This has caused a big rift in our family. At a large recent family gathering, my daughter couldn’t … Continue reading

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